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Book Review : The Subtle Art of

The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*ck: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living A Good Life written by Mark Mason was published on 13 September 2016. Published by Harpercollins it has recently become one of the best selling non-fiction book.

Book Review : The Subtle Art of

Mark Mason is a blogger from America. He has been writing his views on happiness, self-knowledge, habits, and relationship and his views have helped in improving the lives of many since 2009.

In this book just like his blog, his writing is interactive and he starts with telling you how we are wasting our energy by giving too many f*cks about everything and everyone. F*cks or Importance has to be given in matters related to family, friends, and other important stuff. It so happens that we get upset about simple things like not getting enough ketchup packets at a takeaway.

He challenges our beliefs, beliefs that have been saved in our mind since a young age. He, in a subtle way, explains us with stories on how one can perceive life and he also promises that by following his ideas the problems will not be disappearing but will surely help you deal with them in a better manner. Life being happy all the time is a lie sold by the marketing agencies and reality is when we feel sad about not being accomplished as others instead of feeling ok about it we get more reasons to worry about thanks to social media. Be sad or worried when you are sad or worried instead of being sad or worried about it and it will help you feel better at a faster rate.

One of the most memorable teaching in his book is that one can choose the suffering one wants to go through and once chosen enjoy the suffering as it gives you the expected result. Example, choosing to work out in the gym. If you enjoy the suffering, exhaustion, body aches and diet you get the expected result of chiseled body. The book is packed with these kinds of ideologies and they do sound realistic.

His perspectives will push you to think more about our concept of living life and maybe even help you work on it more.

Overall this book holds the attention of the reader successfully until the end and teaches concepts that can be carried in our lives. A book worth reading and gifting.



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