10 religious destinations you should visit before you die


    India is called heaven as many religious destinations are there in India

     Some of them are as follows:

    1. Vaishno devi

    one of the most religious place for Hindus in india.. It is situated in katra, jammu and Kashmir. The holiest Hindu temples are dedicated to the goddess adi Shakti.  It is also one of the richest religious destinations. The main temple of goddess Durga or adi Shakti is situated at about 5300 feet. People around the world, visit vaishno devi to worship goddess adi Shakti. Vaishno Devi Shrine is the holiest and strenuous. Vaishno Devi Yatra ‘is now easier. Pilgrims can hire horses and mules. And helicopter service can use as well. Vaishnodevi darshan during the most auspicious Navaratri are believed.

    2. Shirdi

    One of the most religious destination in the world.  It is the most beautiful religious temple built over the samadhi of Sai baba. The craze in this place automatically shows the Non-lasting faith of people in Sai baba.  This is one of the richest religious place in India.  This shrine serves and help poor and needy by providing free services. Shirdi Sai Baba of Shirdi, best known as the home.   It is one of the richest temples organizations.   

    3. Golden temple

    It is one of the historical heritage monuments of India.It is situated in Amritsar, punjab. It is the holiest place for Sikhs. It is surrounded by a beautiful Lake, which doubles its beauty.  Golden temple serves people and provides free food as Bhandaras. Harmandir Sahib Gurudwara commonly “Golden Temple” is known.   The spiritual characteristic of God is regarded as the abode.   The roof of the temple of gold and precious stones.Thus, “temple” is made of. 

    4. Tirumala Venkateswara

    This is the most famous temple in india. It is located in tirupati. This temple is dedicated to Lord vishnu.  It is the richest pilgrimage in india and earns a lot. Many pilgrims from across the world, worships here.  This pilgrimage became the attraction Centre, especially in Brahmotsavam festival. 
    Brahmotsavam festival, the best time to visit tirumala Venkateswara.

    5. Siddhivinayak

    Siddhivinayak temple is located in Mumbai, maharashtra. This temple is dedicated to Lord Ganesh. 
    It is the richest pilgrimage in Mumbai.  It became the main center of attraction, especially near ganesh chaturthi. Shiv Mandir Temple in Ambernath new design is based on the architectural style.Today, the castle-like Siddhivinayak Temple 6-storey structure that flaunts a central dome is gold-plated. Small gold crown surrounding the main dome and panchadhatu(five metals a unique amalgamation) are made of. sanctum Ashtavinayakamimages of wooden doors (eight forms of Lord Ganesha) are carved with. 

    Ganesh Chaturthi and various other festivals are celebrated grandly Siddhivinayak temple every year. A small temple of Lord Hanuman in the precincts of the temple is built. People of different religions come here to pray and seek the blessings of Lord Ganesha.

    6. Amarnath Dham

    Well, Amarnath Dham is the most religious and holiest place in india.  It is located in srinagar. It is dedicated to Lord Mahadeva. Main amarnath cave Is located at about 3888 m. 
    The journey, is not that easy. You have to give your full body check up, before you start your journey. 
    But the view is the most pleasant one. The snowy mountains made this journey, the beautiful one. 
    Lingam formed annually in the caves due to freezing of water during the month of sharavan.

    7. Haridwar

    Haridwar, Badrinath and Kedarnath shrines sacred to Shiva and Vishnu two entrance.   Har-ki-Pauri Ghat Ghat as the holy Maha Aarti is performed there is one.   Posted at 7 PM everyday famous for its Ganga Aarti is held.   Other places to visit here are Kankhal near Mayapuri and Haridwar.   Mansa Devi situated on top of a hill called Mount Bilwa a temple.  From a ropeway, can reach the temple.   Or one can take the normal trekking route. 

    8. Basilica of Bom Jesus

    It is located in old goa. It is the most popular church in india and it is also a major trademark in the history of Christian. This church is the main Centre of attraction in goa.  At the time of Christmas, it’s decoration becomes the talk of the town, everytime.

    9. Moinuddin Chishti 

    It is located in ajmer.  Muslims, Hindus and Sikhs, all visits this pilgrimage. 
    This dargah is one of the most beautiful religious place.  Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti was the most famous Sufi saint in Indian Subcontinent.

    10. Mahabodhi

    It is located in Gaya district of Bihar state. It is one of the most famous Buddhist temple. Holy bodhi tree is one of the most attractive things there. For Buddhists, Bodh Gaya is considered as one of the four important sites is.  It is very important to learn the life of Gautama Buddha.   The other three shrines Sarnath, Lumbini and Kushinagar are included. Bodhgaya Mahabodhi temple complex of the temple as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2002 was included. Bodhgaya Mahabodhi highlight of Tempe is located.   This Vajrasana or throne is decorated with a diamond.   You can see the holy Bodhi tree. 



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