Do you have a guy best friend whose birthday is round the corner?

Everybody wants to make their best friend feel too special on their birthday and it is obvious that you just want to shower all your love on them and just want to see them smile all day long..
Well, we have got a list of simple yet amazing gifts which you can gift your guy best friend and show him how much he means to you..


Even though this gift is quite common but you can always make it special by choosing the right one for him.

Any guy, young or old, will simply love a wristwatch. It is an evergreen gift for any guy. You can write down a small note for him on the gift card. There are a huge variety of options for you to choose from, in all ranges. Not only will he love  gift but you too will feel really happy each time you will see that wristwatch on his hand, looking all sparkly..!



If your best friend is staying from home and it has been quite some time since he has been home, you can try and make him feel little better. You can try to get in touch with his family and old school friends and ask them to get you small video clips of them wishing him. Pile up all the small clips, add some personal messages from your side, mix up some random photos and you are good to go..! You could play the video on a projector on some big screen.
You never know if he feels so touched that he might end up in happy tears..



Everybody shops for their birthday, there is no such fun in that. To try and do something different for your best friend, you can get him the entire attire set that he can wear on his birthday. You can get him the best of clothes with all the right accessories and gift them to him in a beautifully decorated basket.

To make this slightly better and exciting, make sure he does not shop at all for his birthday..!
Just make sure to choose the right things of the right size for him and he will look all goody good for the day.



If it has been a long time since you met your best friend and his birthday is coming up, there can be no better time for you to plan an adventurous trip with him..! You can workout all the details but ensure that you plan it well, else you could just find fun even in the troubles..! The trip could be to a place that you know he has been planning to visit from a long time.
The trip could be a long or a short one, as you wish it to be. It would really be very a very memorable birthday for your best friend.


Some of you might have a best friend who simply loves video games, well go ahead and get him one of his birthday! It wouldn’t matter how old is he because he would simply be enjoying the child in him again.

If your best friend is not so much into games, you could always gift a book.
Now you can make this a lot more special by getting a copy of his favourite book autographed by the author or by getting a special edition of some book that he has been longing to read.


You can also gift your best friend some musical instrument if he has a keen interest in music.
You could get him an instrument which you vaguely remember him mentioning sometime in the past, something which probably he himself has forgotten but you haven’t..!
This will make him re-realise that you remember the smallest things he tells you.


This is one of the oldest ideas but it is also one of the best ones.

There is no more thrill and excitement in gifting someone at midnight than at any other time in the day. You could try to work things out and some how go and wish him at midnight. You could take a cake and flowers and everything. If you can, you could decorate his room before hand and surprise him!

If you can, burning beautiful firecrackers at midnight is also a nice new thing to try..



Got a good hand at writing things? Use your talent to make your best friend feel really special.
You could try and write a very personal, sweet poem for him. Be creative and open, spill your heart out and tell him how wonderful it is to have him as your best friend.
Once you are done with the writing part, get a scroll and have the poem printed on it.
And gift him the scroll, you can never even imagine how precious that tiny piece of cloth will become to him!

Our best friends mean a lot of each of us and we work really hard to see them smile throughout the entire day on their birthday. No matter what you gift him, just make sure that gift has your essence and he will love it for sure!
Hopefully you found some new things that you could get for your best friend and make him happy..

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