HomesportsAsia Cup 2022 May Move from Sri Lanka to UAE

Asia Cup 2022 May Move from Sri Lanka to UAE

The world is excitedly waiting for Asia Cup 2022, the next big cricket tournament. But the uncertainties seem to plague the craze in light of recent conditions in Sri Lanka.

While the schedule remains the same now, news has surfaced that the tournament may shift out of the island nation. As a result, uncertainties are tough for the Asia Cup fanbase, organizers, and others who are planning to capitalize on the event.

It’s also a bit challenging for sports punters. Like if it’s about football, they start seeing predictions early and place bets accordingly. For example, they can analyze predictions for NFL week 6 odds and decide about their bets.

But bookmakers are highly uncertain in the case of the Asia Cup as they can’t figure out near-accurate betting outs for the tournament.

The Current Schedule

Asia cup
Cricket equipment on grass

After four years, the premier cricket tournament has been scheduled for August-September 2022. It’ll commence on August 27 and will conclude on September 11. The T20 format tournament will include six teams participating in Asia Cup 2022. It includes India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and Afghanistan.

Singapore, Kuwait, UAE, and Hong Kong will also compete in the qualifier round. The winner will become the sixth team in the tournament.

UAE, Kuwait, Singapore, and Hong Kong are the four teams that will battle against each other in the qualifier round. One of these will get the spot of the 6th team in the tournament. Hence, the tournament will witness a quest among six teams from Asia.

India is the tournament’s defending champion, with some well-known fast bowlers and batsmen. The country won the Asia Cup 2018 by defeating Bangladesh by three wickets. It’s been the most successful team in the history of the Asia Cup.

While the schedule hasn’t been released officially, it’s expected to be finalized in the upcoming days.

Asia Cup 2022 Host

Sri Lanka was going to host Asia Cup 2020, which was postponed due to the pandemic. Later, the Asian country won the hosting rights for the 2022 tournament.

But the event may shift out of Sri Lanka because of the island nation’s ongoing economic and political crisis. In addition, the country is witnessing riots, which has led the Sri Lankan President to resign from his post.

Asian Cricket Council is closely monitoring the situation in Sri Lanka. They’ll make the final decision accordingly. UAE is the potential host if Sri Lanka seems unable to play the host.

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Smriti Gala
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