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Art and Folk Music of India

Art and Folk Music

In India, there are six categories, namely music; Early music, folk music, folk music, religious music, art music, fusion music. These categories are not watertight compartments, but live in constant exchange and giving and receiving. Raag is believed that the system is derived from popular melodies spread throughout the Indian subcontinent. Tunes folk melodies performed by the masses with his natural temperament, without any formal training in music. Format tunes has refined the essence of local culture. But later in the ancient period, these popular tunes, the Jaati was done to the grammar of popular tunes. This grammatical notes, scale up and down, landing Jaatis note was designed Geeti Dhruva and 9 percent of Raag find the concept flourished as a highly structured and encoded music system. Therefore, according to the original grant of ordinary people in a specific geographical area, Raags been titled as Gujari (Gujrath), Malawi (Madhya Pradesh), Saidhawi (Sindh), Multani (Multani), Canada (Karnataka) Tilang (Andhra) Bilawal Bangal (Bengal), Gaud and Kalingda (Orissa), Kambhoji (Afghanistan), etc. Many popular songs, widely distributed Punjab. – Sindh in Kerala and Maharashtra, Assam, were developed as “?? as Dhun-Raag Pahadi, Maand, Piloo, Gara, Kafi, Jungle, Zinzoti Desh, etc. They are mainly used Khamaj Raags Thumari in Dadra and Tappa gender, no gender Dhrupad and Khayal. In Raags as Bhairav ​​and Bhairavi be popular songs associated with the names of these deities. In the modern era, inspired by popular melodies Pt. Kumar created some Gandharwa Raags labeled “Dhun-Ugam Raag ‘, for example, Madhasuraja, Sanjari, Nindiyari, Malawati, Maghawa, Rahi Lagan Gandhar, Beehad Bhairaw, Saheli Todi. He realized these popular melodies, consisting essentially of a score of 3-4 with the addition of consideration (Uttarang) and giving precise grammatical Raags.

The popular song in its original form was a raw natural expression, but when it occurs in a state in Raag gives you more pleasure than an emotional intellectual pleasure with natural essence, the grammar is also added. From this description, it is safe to say that there is a profound relationship between popular music and musical art and musical art of great benefit to the popular music is its prototype.


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