Alluring Dreams

Those who are determined to face the storm, turns into the storm, creates the storm and tastes the glory. Life is seriously not about chilling, gossiping , fashion, social sites, affairs, and a so called public image..Ouch now this doesn’t sound that cool. No issues, don’t become a not so cool creature. Come out of illusions, these things can be trendy or classy, a vital part of our lives may be, but definitely not our LIVES. Life is too much more than this. Its all about being realistic and keeping a positive approach towards life.

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Become firm about not decreasing your standards for anything or anyone, become impatient towards all the negativity, excessive criticism or cynicism. You are not here for fake praise, hypocrisy or manipulation. Don’t encourage gossips either. Stay with those who are capable of lifting you higher, the ones who can encourage you.


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Turning independent will make your journey most beautiful, you are the creator and destroyer of your life, who doesn’t need any support or sympathy. You are not here to follow the commands of others in order to live your dream life. Seeking guidance is no harm but learn to be an independent decision maker. Yes of course some people are definitely going to be special but they have to be completely selfless, their love has to be the purest so according to me, they can be your family or else your true friends. Don’t look for anyone to accompany you till your goal , your destination, found those who can make your journey amazing and if you cannot found them go ahead my friend , always remember you are your biggest asset. Your self confidence is your treasure . Your pain , the failures are going to make you transform into a gem of a person.

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Success is made up of experiences and experiences are made up of bad experiences. Failures means you are trying and this is all you need……

An aspiring human on the formidable journey of Dreams, Holding a masters degree in English Literature, flowing her ink with a desire to metamorphose this planet into something empyrean.

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