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A list of Indian superstitions

A list of Indian superstitions

India is a land of religions. Like the languages ​​of India, religion changes after a few kilometers. As we know that “with great power comes great responsibility” Similarly, many religions are many and the type of superstitions. While many superstitions in no way linked to any religion, but are directly or indirectly influenced by these factors. Being an Indian, superstitions are things we grew, and these superstitions are feeding our minds in such a way that we unconsciously carried away by this superstition, as our mind takes that superstition as an everyday act, without giving any different behavior. This is because we deal with these superstitions regularly as part of our daily work, and therefore does not affect us, but for people watching we felt a change in our behavior when we are influenced by these superstitions. Some of these behavioral activities performed by us without knowing us make a title of being a “typical Indian” mentioned here.Let’s take a bribe God

God as common as taking a bath bribery both of these things happen almost every day. Bribe God in India over the culture of superstition. Not only in the Hindu religion, but also in other religions, God of Corruption is a way to get their wishes fulfilled. Often you can hear from the student to pray to God, “Please tell us in the exams, and we will pay the value of a certain amount of candy for you!” I do not know whether the proposed tolls or just pray? And every time I see a prayer, I always feel it’s give and accept the proposal, as people who offer their products to religious sites and requested a personal specific response for output. Sometimes the office for a day or two, as a way to corrupt God, and do not understand why God would like to see you hungry?

Day Phobia

The literal meaning of the word “phobia” extreme fear of something, and Indian superstition did phobia among people regarding certain days of the week. It sounds strange, but true. Indian parents live this habit in their children from birth, creating fear that if the nails or cut their hair or wash her hair or wash clothes on certain days of the week, including Tuesday and Thursday, something bad will to happen to them, they called it “Paap”, which literally means God will do something wrong with them when they were trying to do something bad to God cutting nails on her special day.

Number 13

Life is very common superstition in the hearts and minds of many people across India. The fear of the number 13, the biggest fear in life. They do not understand a great job, or start a new business on the 13th of each month, especially if it’s 13 on Friday. This superstition is so insistent that the city of Chandigarh did not even have 13 sector.

Living in fear of a better future

If you are a regular visitor to any place of worship in India, this dialogue would find a priest that their future actions and the subsequent realization depends on the actions that are done in this life. If you really run well, quietly and calmly, and they do not engage in any cruelty, which will result in a better life after death! But I wonder, why live your life in fear of the future, even when you know what will happen next. He also said that “living in the present and in the future will make a way for himself.” So you have to agree with this quote and a little faith in you.

With seafood to dairy products that vitiligo

I think you are a vegetarian non-vegetarian as a sin in many parts of the subcontinent. But if you love meat and seafood, you may have seen this dialogue hit very often do not eat fish with milk or any other dairy product, and when asked why he received the answer that will give vitiligo , a disease that causes white patches on the skin, while vitiligo is due to the absence of certain types of pigments from the body system. In no case it is the combination can cause vitiligo.

You spells?

If you go out and someone sneezes in front of you, which is said to be a bad omen, and the work will be done not only by chance. It’s like when you go somewhere and someone calls you on the back. But if we consider the practical and logical, as you would call us or sneeze front end can keep the job you are assigned to do?

Black cat crossing your path!

This superstition is so important in the minds of people who simply can not live with the fact that it is only superstition. I’ve seen people change their entire way just because a black cat crossed his path, and if you mistakenly step on the path taken by the cat, fear in your mind that is so important that there is something wrong definitely with them, even if the cat is not the cause of them.


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