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8 Ways to Check Purity of the Cow Milk Your Kids Are Consuming Daily

Milk is trusted by parents to deliver valuable nutrients to their children. Its nutrient-rich characteristic makes it a popular choice amongst adults too when they unable to find time for breakfast.

A few slices of bread or a cup of fruits with a glass of milk powers the day for the busy bees many a time. Iodine, potassium, phosphorous, Vitamin B2 and B12, and calcium are available in 200 ml of milk. This is also the basic nutrition for many babies.

Compared with the packaged milk, the vote of trust goes to cow’s milk. In fact, this is true, for the packaged milk contains many chemicals. Though authorized by the food regularity board of the government, their natural counterpart is considered safe.

However, adulterants are everywhere, and cow’s milk is no exception. Do you know even cow’s milk can cause woes? Don’t panic, for there are multiple tests you can try at home to ascertain the purity of the cow’s milk you buy. You can try any of the following simple tests at home.

  1. Boil Test

This test simply needs boiling of milk. Use a thick pan to boil the milk and without mixing water, let the milk boil enough to form a thick layer of cream. The milk must be boiled fully, and the remnant should be the oily whitish creamy thing. If the remnant is significantly oily, then the milk is of good quality and not adulterated.

  1. Lemon Juice Test

Put a small amount of the milk in a bowl and boil it on the stove. Squeeze few drops of lemon juice into it. When you see the milk curdling immediately, be glad that it is of good quality.

If the milk does not curdle, or if it turns in to rubbery jelly-like substance, thanks to the presence of the chemicals and adulterants, the milk is not good to consume.

  1. Drop Test

Adulterants in the milk need not be chemicals always. It can be water too. Excess water in milk spoils its flavour.

To determine the presence of water in the milk, use a filler and drop milk on the floor. A single drop would do. The surface should be a marble surface. Any sleek surface too can be chosen.

If the milk flows instantly, be sure, it is mixed with water. If the milk stays for a few seconds, then it is thick and pure milk.

  1. Para-phenylenediamine Test

When the milk contains hydrogen peroxide, you can use para-phenylenediamine to ensure the same. You need a test tube for the test.

Take the milk in a test tube, and mix with few drops of para-phenylenediamine, which is available with the chemists. If the milk turns blue, it is adulterated.

  1. Urea Test

Urea doesn’t change the taste of milk; however, it is not fine if the milk contains this adulterant. Mix half a spoon of soya bean powder to one spoon of milk.

Use a red litmus paper now. Dip it in this solution, and if the colour changes to blue from red, then the milk is adulterated.

  1. Starch

Two tablespoons of salt can make your task easy. Mix the salt with 5 ml of milk. Adulterated milk changes blue immediately, and pure milk stays the same with no change.

  1. Vanaspati Milk

The creamy texture of milk shows that the milk contains no water. But vendors can mix Vanaspati or vegetable ghee to attain this texture.

Add a few drops of HCL to one spoon of milk, followed by one spoon of sugar. Red colour denotes the red flag to the vendor.

  1. Synthetic Colour Test

Rub milk against your fingers, and if you find the soapy or slimy sensation, then it is synthetic milk. It also tastes bad.

Milk adulteration tests kits can be availed in the market, but they are a bit pricey. Lactometer can fit into the budget but tests only the thickness. When you find the taste and appearance of the milk different, try any of these tests. The first three tests will be enough to determine the purity of freshly delivered cow’s milk. You can try all the above for the packaged milk.

You make your child drink a glass of milk daily to sharpen his/her brain. However, your job is just not done yet. While you are making sure that your kids always eat and drink healthy, devoid of any adulterations, also ensure you take care of their future.

You must ponder how will you cater to the educational needs of your brilliant child. For this, you need a financial backup in place. Hence, investing in child saving plan or children education plan for their future makes sense.

A child saving plan offers dual benefits of insurance and investment and takes care of your child’s needs in your absence too. The lump sum amount received at maturity can be used for your child’s education or marriage expenses.

Moreover, a child education plan is a secure and disciplined way of saving to safeguard your kid’s future.


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