5 Signs That Your Relationship Is Chill AF


Being in a relationship is the best thing in the world, especially when the partners are the best one can get. Sometimes there would be moments which make the relationship beautiful but a perfect relationship is the one where both of them make every moment beautiful. Want to know where your relationship stands? Here are some signs that a relationship is chill as fuck.  Do you belong to this or still living in a fake one?

  1. Understanding Is Awesome. No force, No fight
5 Signs That Your Relationship Is Chill AF

You guys share an awesome bond and both of you have a great understanding. You guys actually know each other, so there is no question of forcing decisions on each other. You guys have a mutual understanding which results in fewer fights among couples. Couples sharing such a cute relation, barely fight.

  1. Makeups Don’t Exists In The Frame Of Your Dates
you are beautiful in his eyes
you are beautiful in his eyes

You guys accept each other the way you are. you know their beauty as well as flaws. So there is no space for makeup or suits in your date. You love to hangout just the way you are and the other partner loves to see you like this too.

  1. Decisions Are Both Sided


In your relation, partners don’t dominate each other rather they try to give space and equal chance to the other one to share their views. May that be shopping or paying bills or selection of movie or may be some discussion regarding future, both keep their views and the final decision is the mixture of both the partners views.

  1. Play It Cool

Sometimes couple fight. That’s normal but in your relationship, you choose to hide it from other people. You don’t want your partner to get embarrassed in front of your friends. So how much big the fight may be, you choose to play it cool.

  1. Spending time turn outs to be fun

You guys are not like normal boring couple. Rather than going for dates and all, you choose to do something adventurous like hanging out at your place. Whatever you do, you both love it. You guys love being with each other and the time spent are the best moment of your lives.

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