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5 Effective Methods to Combat Indoor Air Pollution

Pollution has always been the most discussed problem in the last few years. Many of you might consider outdoor pollution as more harmful and riskier than indoor pollution, but the fact is that the level of indoor pollution is 2-5 times higher than outdoor levels. It’s estimated that 2.2 million deaths each year are due to indoor air pollution (compared to 500,000 deaths from outdoor air pollution). In other words, the air inside can be more harmful than the air outside. Let us look at some effective measures to combat indoor air pollution:

Grow Indoor Plants

The most impressive and healthy way is to grow indoor green plants. While reducing the pollution levels to a great extent, it also adds to the beauty of the place. There are plants like fern, ivy and peace lily, which can significantly curb the air pollutants. Aloe Vera also, known for its healing abilities, act as an alternative to cleaners, which contain harmful chemicals.

5 Effective Methods to Combat Indoor Air Pollution

Make the Most out of Air Purifiers

The use of technological products to improve air quality is important when all the manual efforts go in vain. Buy a good quality air purifier as this is the key to reduce the air pollution level inside. There are several kinds of air purifiers like HEPA purifiers and Ozone purifiers. Depending on your needs and air purifier price, opt for the right kind of purifier.

Effective Waste Management

This is one issue, which requires strict attention and immediate response. Waste production is a daily routine in a household or any living place. But, when this trash is not covered or left in the open, there is a lot of bad odour in the surrounding environment. In such situations, people tend to use artificial fresheners, which is not a good choice as it contributes a lot to indoor air pollution. The best way is to manage the household waste effectively. Keep the waste bins properly covered. Dispose the garbage on a regular basis.  

Let Natural Air Come In

This is one of the easiest methods to follow. Keeping the windows open to ensure proper ventilation reduces the level of air pollution to a great extent. It induces freshness and purity in the air, provided the surrounding outdoor environment is free of any effluent, smoke or dust. But, if you feel that pollutants are unavoidable in the natural air that comes in, the best option would to use a good indoor air purifier. Research the options and find out the air purifier price. Compare all the choices and buy the best purifier.

Maintain a Healthy Level of Humidity

Humidity levels must be reduced by trying to stay dry or by using a dehumidifier. Water leaks also contribute to the build-up of moisture and humid air in the indoor environment. As a result, it increases the exposure of the people living indoors to mould and mildew. Therefore, fixing water leaks can also help in purifying the air.

Indoor air pollution is a health risk that you can avoid and minimize your exposure to it if you have the required knowledge to combat it.

Besides the above-mentioned ways, there are a lot of other methods to reduce the possibility of indoor air getting contaminated. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that most people spend up to 90 percent of their time indoors, so indoor air quality is vitally important to your health and it definitely needs to be taken care of.



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