15 Commonly Mispronounced Words

Now-a-days, pronouncing a word correctly has become very important. As, English language is considered as one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. In spite of that, there are many words which are not pronounced correctly by many people. As, always there are rules to do every work and so is with pronunciation of words. One has to follow certain spelling rules which help in pronouncing the words correctly. So, here are some of the words for which you need to follow those spelling rules. Just have a look!

1. Pronunciation:

Well, as we are talking about the pronunciation of words, but let me tell you one thing that this word itself is mispronounced by many people.
It is always pronounced as ‘pro-nun-cia-shun’ (Keeping O silent) and not as ‘pro-noun-cia-shun’.

Mispronounced words

2. Iraq:

The name of this beautiful country is pronounced as ‘ee-Rock’ and not as ‘EYE-RACK’.
Did you know, you were pronouncing the name of this famous place in a wrong and that too all your entire life?

Mispronounced words

3. Zebra:

We must cross the road on ‘Zee-bra’ crossing and not on ‘Zeb-ra’ crossing. As, according to US English, the sound of the letter ‘Z’ is ‘Zee’.

Mispronounced words

4. Dessert:

This word is pronounced as ‘dizz-urt’, (pronunciation of u as in sun). And not as ‘des-ert’, which is a barren land.

Mispronounced words

5. Truth:

It is pronounced as ‘troo-th’ and not as ‘tru-th’.

Mispronounced words


The correct pronunciation for this word is ‘D-vay-lupp’, and not as ‘Day-vay-lupp’.

Mispronounced words

7. Sour:

It should be pronounced as ‘sower’ (as in power). It is often pronounced as ‘saar’ which is wrong.

Mispronounced words

8. Salon:

To pronounce this word correctly, say it as ‘sa-lon’. And not as ‘su-loon’.

Mispronounced words

9. Dengue:

The name of this disease is pronounced as ‘den-gee’, while it is often mispronounced as ‘den-goo’.

Mispronounced words

10. Schedule:

According to US English, it is ‘sked-jule’. So, from now onwards, don’t pronounce it as ‘shed-yool’.

Mispronounced words

11. Jalpeno:

To pronounce this word in a correct manner say it as, ‘Hah-lal-peh-nyoh’ and not as, ‘Ja-la-peh-noh’.

Mispronounced words

12. Subtle:

Don’t pronounce the letter ‘B’. So, it is ‘Su-tle’ and not as ‘Sub-tle’ as ‘btle’ simply doesn’t sound good.

Mispronounced words

13. Archive:

This word is pronounced as ‘ar-kaiv’ and not as ‘Ar-chieve’

Mispronounced words

14. Genre:

The actual pronunciation of this word is ‘Zhon-ruh’, while it is often mispronounced as ‘jen-re’.

Mispronounced words

15. Almond:

This is the dry fruit which is commonly mispronounced by many of us. So, the correct way to pronounce it is ‘Ah-mund’ and not ‘Aal-mund’.

Mispronounced words

so, let’s make an effort to pronounce these words correctly.


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