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Personality of the week: Soichiro Honda

Try to observe the vehicles that stop at the traffic signals. 10 out of 4 cars on the roads will be Honda. Dynamic in class, Style and Luxury.  Soichiro Honda the founder of Honda. He saw its expansion from manufacturing bicycle motors to a multinational automobile and motorcycle manufacturer.


No one’s life is easy. To establish such a huge company needs a lot of effort, hard work and patience. He has faced a lot of failures during his early career. He also holds an engineering degree. He was not a brilliant student in the class. He never used to sit in front row, always last bench ,away from the view of teachers. His father has farm repair shop in the hamlet of Kamyo, Shizuko district, Central Japan, the birthplace of Soichiro Honda. His has a lot of interest in the machine. When he was 12 years, Honda managed to create a model bicycle pancal with foot brake. At that point of time his mind does not dream of becoming the automotive business travelers. At the age of 15 years he fled to Japan and started working for Hart Shokai Company. His boss, Saka Kibara, very pleased with his work.



After 6 years he adds his insights about the machinery. Finally, at the age of 21 years, her boss suggested opening a branch office in Hamamatsu. Honda wants to break away from his boss, makes his own garage business. Unfortunately, his work was rejected by Toyota. He remembered his friend’s reaction to the failure. They deplored himself out of the garage. Thanks to hard work, his design got accepted. Toyota Party to give the contract, so that Honda wants to build a factor. At the same time, Japan was ready for war and there was lack of funding. He was desperate not to collect capital from a group of individuals to establish a factory. Again disaster coming. After the war broke out, the factory burned twice. However, Honda is not discouraged. He was rushed to collect their employees. They were ordered to take the remaining cans of benzene was thrown by the United States ship, used as materials to build the plant. Unexpectedly, earthquake destroyed the factory, so it was decided to sell the plant to the Toyota. After that, Honda tried several other businesses. Unfortunately all of them failed. Finally, in 1947, after Japan’s wartime shortages of gasoline. The Japanese economy was completely in ruins. So much so that Honda cannot sell his car to buy food for his family. In circumstances of urgency, he installed a small motor on a bicycle. Who would have thought, “motorcycle” the forerunner to the birth of Honda cars were enthused by the neighbors. They flocked to order, so that Honda ran out of stock.


Honda motorcycle factory reestablished. Since then, success is never out of hand. The following Honda Motor mobinya, became king of the streets of the world, including Indonesia. Soichiro Honda said, do not see success in the automotive industry. But look at the failures they experienced. He said, “People see my success is only one percent. But, they do not see my 99% failure “.


This story of is an example that the critical success could be achieved by someone with a minimum investment, not smart at school, or come from poor families. So why should we despair contemplating the fate of distress and failure. Stay strong and keep trying, look at Honda’s “King” street.



5 Recipes success of Honda:

  1. Always ambitious and youthful.
  2. Respect sound theory, discover new ideas, dedicated time to improve production.
  3. Love your job and try to make your working conditions as comfortable as possible.
  4. Look for a smooth working rhythm and harmony.
  5. Always remember the importance of research and collaboration.

“Bad my grades in school. But I’m not sad, because my world around machinery, motorcycles and bicycles, “said this leader, who died at the age of 84 years, after being treated at Juntendo Hospital, Tokyo.


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