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10 little things that can make your Mom smile :

Mom’s are our superheroes. They deserve to be treated special. A smile on their face is amazingly beautiful.Let’s bring a smile on their face and lock it up with our little gestures of love and care.

1) Let her be mad at you and give a warm hug later:

Sometimes she is so angry because of the burden of a lot of work and the people around. If she is mad at you instead of arguing with her keep calm. Sometimes she just wants you to listen. Keep your head cool no matter what she says and after she is done apologize with a warm hug. She will easily melt and all the anger will transform into a smile.

2) Cook her breakfast or prepare her a bed-tea or coffee:

It’s been years since she has been waking up early and preparing the morning bed-tea/milk/coffee for you and the breakfast at times she cooks different meals for different members in the family. One day switch off her morning alarm and tell her to sleep as much as she wants. No matter how you will cook your effort will make her day.

3) Call her giving updates of your whereabouts:

If you’re out for some days or even if you don’t live with your parents now, call her frequently telling how you’re doing. Tell her any of your present story and ask her about how she’s doing. She misses you when you’re not around and when you keep in touch you show your care for her. Nothing can be more precious for her.

4) Ask her to tell some story of her childhood:

Childhood is a time which is cherished throughout our life. Those beautiful memories have the most vibrant colours of fun, innocence, love and a lot of emotions linking with the happiness we can never forget. Every childhood has a story and it is the key to bring a smile on anyone’s face who is reminded of it.

5) A sorry will never hurt:

Although we all have fights with our moms because of various issues and mainly the generation gap and we also argue with her many times but this should not last more than a day. Even if you don’t think you are wrong this time remember when she cooks your favourite dishes without your demands, remember when she clears all your mess, remember the new clothes she got for you, remember in all the years how she’s been loving you. Say sorry and crack a joke.

6) Her birthday is special too:

Yes she is not a kid now but it’s not written anywhere that only kids can celebrate their birthdays. Give her a work free day, get her fancy cap, bake her a cake, plan a grand party or maybe something in her ways. You can give her a lots of gift but a handmade card or anything which shows your hard work is worth a millions her smiling hours than those materialistic gifts.

7) She likes it when you chat with her:

Prepare two mugs of coffee/tea and sit with her talking about random things. Know her likes, her inspirations, her interests. Talk about anything she would love to know and when you do that very often you know she is your best friend. Counting the generation gap some of your secrets will be safer with her than with anyone. When we talk, we strengthen the bonds.

8) Give her your time it’s the best gift:

Go with her for a jogging or walk in the park. Start doing yoga with her in the morning. Help her while she’s doing household work. Go with her to the grocery store. The most valuable time when you give her she wants nothing more from you. You give your time you’re showing you care.

9) Surprise her:

Surprises are not always gifts, it is an unexpected act of giving happiness to someone. So do things for her she always want you to do but hardly expects you would do. Clean your room, arrange your wardrobe, wash the clothes when she’s out, wash the dishes in the kitchen when the maid is on leave, iron the clothes, get good grades, do anything that surprises her and it will surely bring a smile on her face.

10) She deserves the credits:

Appreciate her as and when possible. She works hard for you no matter she is working or a homemaker. Tell her she has cooked the most delicious meal when you loved it. Tell her every time your friends loved the food she cooked for lunch and every time someone likes the sweater she has woven for you. Everybody deserves appreciation and why to miss one of the most important and lovely person we are blessed with.

These little things play a very big role in our lives so let us makes these angels smile.

Ayushi Dimri
Ayushi Dimri
I am a very social person.Love to connect to people.There is a beauty in everyone and what appearance fail to show words complete it.Love and respect for every individual.



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