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    Humayun’s tomb

    The architecture in Delhi is adorned by the jewels that the Mughals left in the form of their exuberant palaces and tombs. Many of which surround Delhi silently, but never go unnoticed by those visiting Delhi. Though old, they still hold their majestic and magnificent beauty that overshadows all the malls and the modern buildings. Old is gold after all.canter-dome-inside-humayuns-tomb-1

    Being born and a frequent visitor to Delhi, I, alike many Delhites have taken this historical grandeur for granted. But now, I realize the invaluable gift that the Mughals had bestowed on us. Nothing can be more pleasing than a visit to the Mughal garden behind the Rashtrapati Bhawan, open only in winters (February) that showcases blooming colors. When most of the Delhi is covered in fog, more like smog.

    The weather in Delhi and the medieval architecture go hand in hand. It is almost like every wall of these monuments was built-in accordance with the weather, indeed dazzling. When on your trip to Delhi, a visit to at least one of these historical treasures is a must. But I must warn you, once you enter the place you will be so captivated by its beauty that you might want to stay a bit longer. Not ready to leave yet, you have all the provisions, for food, attending nature’s call and to sit and enjoy the serene environment.

    delhi-humayun-tomb1The Humayun’s tomb which marked the beginning of the Mughal architecture in Delhi is indeed most of the renowned architectural achievements. Built with the classic red sandstone and marble, along with blues and greens borrowed from Persia. It defies all the rules drawn out for the burial of royals. One can indeed imagine a king being mummified and leisurely enjoying his time in the pyramid in solidarity.

    However imagining a beautiful palace like structure constructed right on the top of your dead body! Indeed is a miraculous idea which surely understands the grave (pun intended) need of the situation. The kings made sure, once dead, they would be remembered for their royalty and power, which the calmness of the surroundings reinforce. The gigantic gates, studded with six-sided stars which were used by the Mughals as an ornamental cosmic symbol adorn the structure. Persian floral prints add the color. It also makes one wonder what awaits or them, behind these enormous gate.

    Behind the gate you can picture Humayun himself resting in the peaceful, calm and lush green environment, in the magnificent tomb built in his memory. There is a museum as well, which shows articles found during the excavations. However the majestic and bewildering first view of the tomb leaves you dumb struck, and you can’t help but go to the king. The stairs might be a tad bit of a painful climb, but once on the top of the structure, the strain is totally worth it. The Mughals were indeed geniuses and their architects were no less than the Indian Da Vinci themselves, with all the artistic charisma they composed of.

    iaa104869The surroundings of the tomb are so calm, and surprisingly have a pleasant temperature than the rest of the Delhi. On the top of the tomb, is the beautiful golden finial, which was first made of copper and pure gold by the Mughals. But post restoration it is made of pure gold, the shining structure  which gleams boldly, when visited during the sunset. If you ever visit the tomb, you can see the structure shining brightly. Just like the Mughal dynasty, which though has fallen, but has its remains still glorifying it.

    When you inhale the air in here you smell freshness. When you touch the structure you can see the variety your touch will experience. From the roughness of the sandstone, to the smoothness of the marble, to the welcoming touch of the wooden door. It is a heavenly treat to your eyes too, escaping the city here you are surrounded by nature at its best. Thanks to the 25000 square meter of greenery planted by the Mughals. History lover or not this place will definitely suit your taste. Or, at least give you several photographs for your Facebook, Insta and snapchat accounts.

    Mughals were known for their romantic life too. Here you can indeed find a lover’s paradise, please refrain from PDA though.

    68197-humayuns-tombIt is in here that you get an escape from the hustle bustle, noise and the melting heat of the city. One can even spend their whole day around these tombs. Provided your heat tolerant and a history lover like me. It is a paradise for those interested in historical structures; it is our “desi” Venice. So along with the yummy, spicy and finger licking food, the Mughal’s have also left their treasures in this form. Delhi indeed is pleasing to all your five senses, thanks to these historical structures.

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