Which hairdo complements a round face?

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    If you have a round face,you inherently possess an attractive,youthful exuberance which is ethereal.However if you dont execute your look properly;it may prevent you from looking sophisticated and elite.

    The best way to resolve this problem is to get a longer hairstyle.The long sleek look is definitely the perfect choice for a round face.By a little amount of teasing and shaping you could add volumes to the crown.It also creates an illusion of length and definition making it the most defining feature of your face.

    You need to take certain precautions, if you are layering your long hair.If the wavy layers do not end exactly at the chin,it would highlight the roundness of your face, instead of giving your face an elongated effect.

    One of the best alternatives for a layered hairstyle is the “fringe”. It is the best way out from the orthodox,monotonous hairdos that we see on a daily basis.A long wispy fringe will complement your tresses giving them a lustrous look.

    Eminent hairstylists across the globe have agreed that the parting of your hair in the middle would make your face seem to be longer and slimmer.
    Interesting Eh!

    When you get a mixture of layers and bangs for a round shaped face,you need to make sure that the style of your hairdo doesn’t enhance the roundness of your face.You need to have a heavy bang from one extreme end. A much better idea would be a double sided bang with a middle sectioning of atleast 2-3 inches below the earlobe or near the jawline,with the layers starting from where the bangs end.

    If you already possess wavy hair,its commendable.If not, you can use velcro curlers or even big Iron curlers.But one piece of advice,curl for just a minute or two and let it be.What we want are wavy hair,not curls.Definitely a hairstyle the round faces would eagerly sport!

    However what can you do if you are not a big fan of long hair? Well no worries.If you have a round face, long hair are not the only option.We have certain ways in which you can keep your tresses short yet garner a lot of attention and appeal.Petite yet sexy as its said! Irrespective of your age, a short hairdo can completely transform your look,giving you an instant makeover.
    The short bob is definitely a classic! However it may be a disaster if its tried by a roundface. It should be clearly understood by them that this style is not for them at all.

    People belive that the classic bob is the only kind of bob that exists.But that is not true. An Angled bob can magically transform a round face.The layers in front look very appealing,sweeping by your chin,whilst the back layers are kept short.It provides you with a structured look and gives you a slim trim look.

    Hence,having a round face is no longer a thing to worry about,eh!


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