How to understand if a man loves you?

    loving couple

    Finding whether a person loves you or not is like choosing between “Scylla and Charybdis”. You are liable to make a mistake.However there are a few  hidden signs which you can decipher and know what your loved one truly thinks about you.Love is a subjective term,and it is perceived differently by all,however there are several ways to find out whether its just a crush,or if its a momentary crush,or if you are loved for your purse,or whether its true,deep irrevocable love.

    If you need to solve this enigma,follow these steps:-

    1.) Check out if the person sees you as an integral part of his future.If the person talks and discusses his future with you on a daily basis,and how your lives will be in the next couple years or even a decade,then he is most likely to be in love with you.You commit in the truest sense only if you mean to see that person forever.If the person has already started with the family planning and deciding what your kids would look like,your honeymoon destination and even your joint retirement, then he may be in deep love with you.

    2.) See whether you are given meaningful compliments by the person. The way you are complimented can make a great difference. There’s a vast difference between “I like your haircut” and “You have the ability to make me feel better,no matter what”. This difference can either ” make” or “break” your relationship. Its the quality of the compliments that takes the priority,not the quantity.

    3.) Check whether the person actually means it,when he promises hia love to you.When the person shares about all his feelings,his deepest regrets, his most painful moments as well his aspirations,it clearly indicates that he loves you. He would open up to you without any ulterior motive,because he is comfortable with you and loves you undeniably.

    4.) See whether the person says, “Love Ya”! and ” I love you”. If the person confesses his love for you,whilst looking in your eyes,sounding earnest without expecting anything in return from you in return,its a clear indication that he is in love with you.It shows that he loves as you are,and respects and appreciates your character and personality.

    5.) One of the major indicators is if your loved one expresses how much they miss you,when you are apart.If she texts you,calls you,mails you or contacts you in any manner whatsoever to tell you that she misses you,then it means that she cant think of her life without you.

    6.)See if the person listens to everything you say.She won’t be your lapdog,but will be there around you to listen and appreciate your thoughts.She will not interrupt you and would listen to whatever you say.This respect shown by her,shows her love for you.
    A major part of being in love is just being able to listen and not just jabber incessantly.

    7.)If a person is always there for you,whether its convenient for him/her,it shows that person has true feelings for you. A person would obviously be by your aide when you grab a bite at a fancy restaurant or when you go shopping.But is the person with you when you are in actual need of them.True love is being together in fun as well as not so fun times.

    Love is often complexified by people,but actually it has a very simple idea behind it.It is all about being there for the person you love in any circumstance


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