When you are tired of trying

    source blog.poweroftwomarriage.com

    We all have been there. We all get scared of the failures, the expectations we cannot fulfill, the exams we cannot clear. Getting rejected for your dream job even when you reached the last round.

    It gets tough to keep going, when good things just don’t seem to happen with you.

    You get tired, you feel helpless. we all do feel the same, happens to the best of us

    But you know what, it’s okay we are only humans.

     You get tired when things don’t seem to work.

    No matter how hard you try, the promotion you have been working so hard might slip off your hand.

    The next morning you just don’t feel like going g to work. you might be feeling that may be you are not good enough, may be you didn’t deserve this.

    But sometimes, it happens that you deserve things but still don’t get it and that’s okay. It’s not the end of your life.

    It’s okay to feel like giving up. Just breathe, certain things take time. Let the future unfold in its own way.

    And no matter how cliche this sounds, its the biggest truth of life.” Just live in the moment, let your small success makes you happy, give yourself a pat on back for completing that chapter, or for reaching that last round of interview.

    No matter how hard you have hit the rock bottom, you are going to bounce back.

    So when you feel like giving up, take a pause. Do things that make you happy. pull up your socks and get ready to try again.

    Make small goals, and don’t forget to appreciate yourself for achieving them.

    And keep reminding yourself, nothing is the end of the world you are always going to get another chance.

    You are doing the best you can do, do believe in yourself a little more.