Love we ended

I don’t need your unfelt hugs, I can’t bear your lustful love. keep those fingers away, for I won’t allow you to slip them down my body, Not anymore. This red powder doesn’t make me your whore. neither would I shut up for the sake of our daughter. She should know her mother and the nasty deeds of her lovely father.

I won’t smile to your relatives or mine. I won’t veil the marks on my eye. I won’t cry in the middle of the night. I won’t curse the God for my sighs. I won’t look into the mirror and find your wife. I won’t wear that smile to let them know that I am fine. For I have reached the summits of my pain. Silences were all in vain. I have been made for heights, to scramble up till I die. I am made to shine in the darkest of skies. I am the fire, its heat along  with its light. no matter how long you hold me tight. these chains are rusted and the walls are weak. Just a push, away, they trip. I am the wind, you cannot trap.

Break me if you want, Pull me if you can, Try sundry tacts to make me ideal for your clan. I am right here, beneath your breathe, underneath your body. But I am not yours, or anybody else’s. for I am not the part of your thoughtless world, Not anymore.


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