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Top 13 Photo Editing Applications

We all believe in natural beauty. However, a little enhancement never harms anyone. How many of you upload your pictures without adding filters or editing? Not many, I believe. Image editing is a way of photograph modification using various altering tools. We for the most part enlist proficient photographers to edit our photos. Nevertheless, have you pondered editing them all by yourself? It is quite conceivable to edit them like a pro using some exciting applications on your phones.

Nowadays, transforming digital photographs is more prominent. Mostly, all editing applications have a basic automatic image enhancement feature that offers correctness in terms of brightness, color hue, red-eye removal, sharpness adjustment, automatic cropping. and so forth. These enhancements occur effectively without user interaction at the snap of a catch.

You might have caught wind of photoshop, isn’t it? So what role does it play in editing? Photoshop is an integral part of photo editing. By utilizing effects like embossing, bevel, and drop shadow, text on photos can be made visually appealing. Likewise, photoshop is a predominant photo editing software that involves full-highlighted altering as well as creating intricate drawings mirroring those made by hand.

Here are 13 photo editing applications that you need to up your editing game


Cost: $7.99/month for Premium Version

It is one of the top-notch editing applications that is available for both, android and iOS. This basic editing application lets you edit and share quite easily on social media as it is user-friendly and eliminates complications. Though some features like special effects, overlays, borders, collages. etc are available for free, the premium version turns off the ads and provides the creative pack with additional features. It also includes an advanced online version, Pixlr X that is free of cost and lets you edit directly in the browser. Pixlr X is more desktop-friendly.


Cost: $19.99/annum for Membership

Visual Supply Company is a business-oriented editing application that includes some differential features like syncing across multiple devices that makes it convenient to edit from anywhere. It provides editing control that transforms photos into engaging content. Tools like exposure, contrast saturation, ample professional filters are available for free. In addition to it, the VSCO membership offers advanced tools, more than 150 presets, and many more features.

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Adobe Lightroom

Cost: $9.99/month for Lightroom System

Do you get impatient when you lose your original picture while editing? Not anymore, as this application provides non-destructive edits so you can always return to the original picture. It is an advanced-level application that contains a one-tap preset feature that automatically enhances the pictures along with slider controls. It also has a Discover Area that gives access to the tutorials of animations used by professionals for editing their images. Lightroom system offers a powerful photo-processing ecosystem that provides professional-level control and quality. However, the standalone Lightroom Mobile is free if all you need is great editing features for social media.


Cost: $48/annum; $27/annum for students on PicsArt Gold

This photo editing application hands-down offers the most number of features. It has a full-featured camera module that includes pre-capture effects. Moreover, it offers ample engaging filters along with creating fun stickers and customizable collages. The Remix Chat option is a unique feature as it allows you to share and edit with millions of users. Also, in-app tutorials can be followed that provide theme-based challenges afterward. Gold subscribers have access to an ad-free experience with thousands of frames, fonts, stickers, backgrounds. etc.

Adobe Photoshop Camera

Cost: Free

Cost-free with the best features is all we need, right? This one should be your go-to application for some high-level editing as it offers AI, which applies special effects and photo corrections after you capture with your phone’s camera. It uses Adobe Sensei that automatically senses the type of photograph and identifies the objects. Furthermore, it provides you with special lenses and masks in accordance with the image type without any premium version.


Cost: Free

It provides an autocorrect option that adjusts colors to make your photos more compelling and enables users to save attractive filters for later to save time. Moreover, some differential and professional features like lens blur, retrolux, and double exposure help to blend and edit two images. It does not ask for any premium membership and is accessible for Android as well as iOS users.

Lens Distortions

Cost: $2.99/month

It is known to modify photos with multiple lens flares related to nature and lifestyle by adjusting opacity and other adjustment color options. It gives pictures a dramatic and cinematic look with elegant overlays. Though the lens flares are free-to-use, LD Unlimited gives full access to around 350 premium effects. The lens flares include natural elements like clouds, glitter, rain, fog .etc.

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YouCam Perfect

Cost: Free

It consists of two versions- a Beautifying Application and a Makeup Application called YouCam Makeup. YouCam is totally a beauty application as it provides unique characteristics like eye enlargement, body proportion, eye enhancer, contour, blush, hair dying .etc. Also, 14 real-time skin beautification effects are provided along with frames for every moment. YouCam Makeup gives you a virtual makeup look by additional features, for instance, preset makeup filters, full eye makeup, a wide variety of lipsticks, and so forth.

Facetune 2

Cost: $7.99/month

The most interesting tools include removal of objects, changing of background, changing of eye color, and also various touch-up tools. The flipside though is that they are all unlocked only in the premium version. It allows adjusting the intensity of the effects as well as retouching the portraits with changing expressions.


Cost: $3.99/month for Creative Pack

Another iPhone photo editor application that provides numerous features like canvas, blend, blur, artistic effects, mask, brushes .etc. The creative pack additionally provides some trendy tools like the skew tool that straighten up the lines in the image, the unique refit tool allows you to move elements of your photo closer together and duo filters blend your image with two different colors.


Cost: Free

It is well-known for a huge variety of filters. We all have at least once used B612 as it was once extremely popular for its unique animated, augmented reality and color filters that made this application receive various honors. Available for both, Android as well as iOS, it is one of the top-downloaded applications and is absolutely cost-free.

Google Photos

Cost: $1.99/month

Nowadays, it is a built-in application present in almost every phone that provides a good amount of features. It automatically generates animated GIFs for images taken in batches. However, the edited pictures can be stored only up to 15 GB and for additional storage, you need to spend a low amount. It beautifies the images automatically and provides sliders that also makes it user-friendly. It identifies repeated people and places and helps to group pictures that makes them all the more easier to find.


Cost: $1.99/month

Though available only on iOS, this application is an essential one especially for professionals. Highly reliable annotation application that enables you to make your mark on any photo which in turn helps to protect the pictures from copyright issues. These days, ample memers use this application to make memes with their watermark. Moreover, tons of fonts can be added as titles and text overlays on the photographs.

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