Time flies!

    The trouble is we think we have more time.

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    Do we really understand time?

    When we hear the word ‘time’ we instantly go to the mark in watch, clock, or mobiles. Time is just not an indicator of getting ourselves to our schedule or occasion. Instead it is a measure of continuous progress of our existence. We have the concept of how busy we are all the time. We restrict our perception to fully comprehend the irreversible course that occurs from the past through the present and then to the future.


    To understand this, the best example is calendar. We all see it but don’t notice the depth of time. It’s interesting how we see the present day, week, and month. And when the month is over, we turn over the page. And after one year, we change the calendar itself. If we think deeply about it, an inexplicable feeling comes within about all the time that have elapsed ; how one by one those days have passed and we were unknown about what the future held for us.


    Seeing yesterday’s date only, it comes into realization that whatever happened yesterday we are not going to see it again, hear it again, feel it again and experience it again. Yesterday’s life account will always be unique. It is an interesting and inspirational fact that each and every moment of our time holds something distinctive. We are so involved in our routine life that we are just unknowingly ignoring everything actually happening around us. Sometimes when we are frustrated, angered or depressed we think that this day is the worst. But next day only when we think back we realize that how that single day had made us learn or encounter something new.

    Even a single second describes something about us. I can’t say anything about enjoying every moment but I strongly believe that we should definitely try in living each moment.

    If not now, then when?


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