The Way We Treat Others Is A Reflection Of How We Treat Our Own selves!

It is a true fact!

We all are like magnets. We choose to do things which we want to do. Our choices in life revolve around those things which we always want to choose.  We often tend to attract those people in our lives who resemble our own selves. It is also true how we treat other people shows how we treat our own selves.

treay others as family

Often in life one will experience to receive love when they give love and receive hatred and ego when it is given. It is because how we shape our inside self portrays and changes our behaviour with the outer world. However, exceptions do occur. Much time on giving unconditional love to the front person does not help you get it back as expected. Still we do not lose hope. It is not possible to change the other person. However, we can choose what we want to be.

Many times unconsciously we lift up energies inside us. This gets reflected in our behaviour with the outer world. The moment we start becoming judgemental to our own selves we develop a set of eyes of being judgemental to the entire world.  Many times we feel the other person is judging us. It is our own self judgemental nature that makes us have an illusion that someone is judging us. While the truth is that no one is actually judging you. Instead of being self judgemental if one starts becoming compassionate to their own self. Then in no time an individual will start attracting people who are compassionate to themselves.


Every one of us is critical of our own selves. We love something about us and we do not love a lot of things about ourselves. Learn to love what we do not love in ourselves. One has to learn to accept how we are inside and stop making efforts to control one self. The part inside us which we do not love is wounded, alone and deprived of care and affection. It is this part of us we have to take special care of and tend to nurture it like a kid.

love yourself

If we do not feel sorry to the imperfections we have in us we will never learn to love our selves. It will lead to a lot of pain and sufferings which will eventually be reflected in our behaviours with others. Our outer behaviour will become affected and we will tend to attract people who do not have the nature of unconditional love in themselves. So, to work upon it one need to work on their inner self first and eventually the treatment towards others will be better with practice.


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