Few Yoga Tips For Relieving Neck Pain For Professionals

    Few Yoga Tips For Relieving Neck Pain For Professionals
    Few Yoga Tips For Relieving Neck Pain For Professionals

    Being seated most of the day due to our nature of work many times professionals get burning neck pains. Such pain in the neck pain can be due to poor posture, stress or any specific accidental scenario. Many times there are no medicines that can help you cure such pain. Neither do using heating pads give you the relief you desire. Rather regular exercise and some very simple yoga workouts can help relieve such pain in the neck.  Let’s see what these yoga tips are: –

    1. Cow Pose or Cat Pose also known as  Bitilasana and Marjariasana –  This yoga workout gives smoothness and flexibility to your spine. The torso and the neck is the region where this workout affects. Kneel hands on the floor and start the cow pose posture. Start inhaling and look front and slowly arch your back and neck and end it with the cat pose. Hold it for few seconds and then repeat it.cow pose    cat pose
    2. Child pose or Balasana – This is an extremely relaxing yoga pose for relaxing your neck and shoulder muscles. Being on this pose for sometime helps reducing stress and hypertension in an individual. At first, sit on your knees folded. Slowly, while exhaling your breath lower your body and hip frontwards and keep your arms in front of you on the floor. Hold this pose for few seconds. Gradually you can increase it to even few minutes.Balasana
    3. The twist pose or Ardha Matsyendrasana pose – As you can observe the image and realize that this workout helps keeping the spine at peace. In a seating position with one leg stretched in front of you and the other folded try folding your entire upper body to one side. Alternatively, change the side and leg folded. You will notice that your entire back and abdominal region is stretched and gives relief to the neck and shoulder region also.Ardha Matsyendrasana
    4. Simple side movement of neck – Well this really does not need much explanation. This particular workout can be done anywhere even while at work. Simply sit straight and move your neck side wise repeatedly as long as it is possible for you. It is recommended to go slow on all kind of neck movements as if you sprain yourself accidentally it can be dangerous. Begin at a slow pace with less number of times and gradually increase the rounds.neck movements
    5. Corpse pose or Shavasana – This is the best relaxing pose in yoga. This can be performed every day before or after getting up from sleep. Lie down flat on your back and spread your both arms away from your body. Keep your eyes closed and relax for even hours. This pose helps bringing peace and relaxation to the entire human body.shavasana


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