The Rider


    Imagine yourself pushing against the wind, feeling the thump and making love with it…kissing away the slight drizzle and enjoying the chilliness. Moving ahead and nowhere to go and yet keep riding…just changing the gears and shifting the speed, with the debonair yet keeping it safe…this is called bikers first love…

    The way a rider explores a road cannot be explained by anyone else. Maybe you must be having friends who are total maniacs and obsessed with automobiles, especially bikes. Yes, the one who may ignore a hot chick for a while to get a good look on a bike passing by. Who has the detailed information on mechanics of every bike just by looking at it? So have you gone on a ride with them, I’m sure it will be worth an experience…speed and shivers at a time. If you are scared of that deathly road and strong winds then you must be yelling at him after the ride ends…also thanking God that you are alive. Wink. Wink.

    veenu-biker-17Going on a road trip with their love is their ultimate motto, exploring the surrounding. Whenever you see someone riding their bike slowly along the corner side of the road. Then surely that person is lost in some deep thoughts about his future and obviously about his bike. This kind of people doesn’t like anything which doesn’t include speed or aggression. They don’t want anything to be easy going, they can’t simply adjust in a laid back surrounding. They may seem to be lazy but when they are out on a ride then their hyperactivity may go to insane levels.

    Whenever they feel depressed or let down, they just put on their helmets, kick starts the wildness and let go things beyond. This single ride can motivate them and bring them back to life, as it gives them ample amount of space and time to think and analyze the matter. They may forget their wife or girlfriend’s birthday but they would never forget the servicing date of their beast. They may forget to have food but the petrol level never goes down. Yes, this is their life and they have chosen it.

    RiderWhenever it comes to their wheels, they get over protective and are highly possessive about it. The person may buy new automobiles but if he is a true rider, then he must have still preserved his first junkie bike. He may show it off proudly saying this is the one who taught me many lessons of life as it has been a special part of me. The society may find it difficult to accept the maniacs but they can make wonders by those wheels. This relationship between a living being and a non-living thing may sound absurd to normal people but for bikers, I’m sure this article would portray their life.

    Dedicated to all those riders out there. Be safe and enjoy every journey…


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