The Power Of Your Conscious Imagination

Life as we know it, emerged some billion years ago. With the possible explosion which Scientists today call “The Big Bang”, the universe came into existence. Since then many species walk this planet, got washed away by the nature and a new species emerged to occupy its place. While our ancestors trace back to over 6 million years ago; the human civilization as we know it is only about 6000 years old. Over the many years, many discoveries and inventions shaped the world. Learned men left treasures of knowledge for the coming generations to feast upon. Our mind was one such peculiar element which the great sages of our time were able to control. With the science of Yoga and Pranayama, the life cycle of human civilization was once a firm foundation. However, over the many years till today; the life has lost its charm. The secrets still prevail, yet hardly anyone attempts to uncover them. Let us revisit the power of conscious imagination, for one last time.

[beautifulquote align=”full” cite=””]”I can pay attention on a single object or thing for more than 15 seconds.”[/beautifulquote]

Andrew Carnegie
Andrew Carnegie

Andrew Carnegie, an American Industrialist, was once questioned about his success. People were surprised to witness the growth rate and popularity of Mr. Carnegie. He said, “I can pay attention on a single object/thing for more than 15 seconds.” People considered this statement as a joke and ridiculed him. How can a person become rich and successful just by focusing on a single thing for more than 15 seconds? Andrew Carnegie challenged them to try for themselves and prove if he is wrong! To everyone’s surprise, none of the people who questioned him were able to maintain their focus on a single thing for even 5 seconds. When more people began to know about this incident, they started asking questions. Soon, the way people saw everything began to change.

Napoleon Hill
Napoleon Hill

Inspired by the suggestion of Andrew Carnegie, another great personality Napoleon Hill came up with a book on self-improvement and personal development. “Think and Grow Rich”, became the global best-seller and the world was never the same. People like Andrew Carnegie, Dale Carnegie and Napoleon Hill studied over a hundred people in their lifetime. They observed their lifestyles and figured that imagination alone isn’t enough. That imagination married with consciousness combined with a burning desire to achieve something in life does wonders. When we imagine, we create worlds. A world where everything operates as per your will and power. This control is metaphorically applied to the real life. The stream of thoughts that encircle our mind, manifests into our life; this is as true as the law of attraction.

[beautifulquote align=”full” cite=””]”A burning desire to achieve your goal will take you from the shackles of your mind and break free your powers to explore themselves.”[/beautifulquote]

The Question is how to identify the powers of our imagination and ultimately how to use the same. Well, as for the first part, our leaders from the past have already discovered the powers of mind and imagination. In order to put this into practice, you need to be prepared. For what? You might ask. You have to be prepared with a burning desire to achieve something in life. It can be anything from earning a promotion at office to celebrating your mom’s birthday party, from completing your project before the deadline to submitting the next prototype for the industry. A burning desire to achieve your goal will take you from the shackles of your mind and break free your powers to explore themselves. If you are all set to go, practice this next activity in order to see your imagination manifest before you.

Imagination Manifestation Activity :

Close your eyes and sit still. Think about the goal that you wish to achieve. (say you wish to get up early morning at 5 am every day) To achieve your goal, imagine yourself sleeping. Picture the clock in your imagination as it would appear to be in reality. When you are consciously imagining something, you control how the inside world looks and functions. Focus on the clock and slowly move the hands of the clock to read 5 am. Now picture yourself sleeping on your bed as you would normally do in real life. Imagine the alarm sound as it would sound in real life. Picture yourself getting up from the bed. Picture the visual in your mind that you open your eyes. Now, pat yourself on the back to congratulate yourself for accomplishing the goal. Picture yourself smiling and slowly stand up and get to work. Now open your eyes and observe the reality. The moment you complete this exercise you will feel more confident, proud and unstoppable from achieving your dream.

[beautifulquote align=”full” cite=””]”If you can imagine it, you can achieve it; if you can dream it, you can become it.”[/beautifulquote]

William Arthur Ward, an American writer once said, “If you can imagine it, you can achieve it; if you can dream it, you can become it.” The power of your conscious imagination is a tool which is a key for survival and to become successful in every phase of your life. Once you doubt your abilities, you have already lost the game. Instead take a step ahead and win the contest before it even begins. No matter if you are going through a depression, anxiety or stress; it is all inside the mind. Conquer your mind before it takes over your body. Make this practice a part of your life and see the world change for you.

Akshay Varma is a professional writer, blogger, author, programmer, tech hobbyist and android developer. He enjoys the company of life and science. He is the author of two books. He loves writing on variety of topics and his passion is exploring new things. He aspires to become an Android Developer and a humanitarian with a dream to make an impact of the world for the better.

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