Side effects of Relationship


    Are you ready to be in a relationship? (Think again, you have been warned!)

    Is there someone special in your life? Do you like someone and are ready to share your feelings? Or has anyone recently confessed their love for you and the feeling is mutual?

    To start a new relationship with someone you love is the best feeling in this world. But are you really ready for one? Love and relationship can be really complex. Make sure you know all the scenarios you are going to face before you say yes.

    Bye Bye Sleep!

    RelationshipLet’s accept it! Sleep is the sweetest of all the activities you do! But as soon as someone enters your life everything changes. they want to talk to you all day and you too want to spend time with them. But every youngster follows a tight schedule now-a-days. So the only time you can truly devote to your partner is the best time of your day! You offer your sleep to God of Love! Results? You get cranky and lash out at the innocent people around you. More often than not that leads to fight with your partner. This path of talking>not sleeping>fighting>making up goes on a loop until love claims your life! While your other single friends lay in bed and sleep for decades.

    Parent alert!

    3-parent-alertLet’s make it clear to you! No matter how well you hide it, your parents are going to know. And if they are conservative and are not okay with the new person in your life, they can be really mean. Hide all the evidences! Clear your phone of anything that can get you in trouble. If you still get caught, beware! Your phone might be confiscated, making it impossible to contact your partner. But you must remember that if your parents believe in you, this is not going to be an issue for you.

    Who comes first!

    Side effects This is something all the new lovebirds have to go through. If your significant one belongs to the same group of friends that you do, you have a better chance of balancing it all. But at some point, either your partner or your friends are going to complain that they have to share your company. And then it’s Civil War!

    It is particularly very difficult if you have a close bond with your friends. And the worst part is, you cannot make everyone happy. Bribing your friends with good food once in a while is highly recommended.

    Where does all that money go?

    5-moneyNow it should be clear to everyone that this applies to both boys and girls. Once you are in a relationship, you want to spend some quality time with your partner. And that eventually leads you to a multiplex, coffee shop or a fancy restaurant. At the end of the month, you wonder what happened to all your pocket money? Now if you go to your parents asking for more, they will start with preaching you about the value of money and will end up reminding you about every single mistake that you made in this life as well as in all your past lives combined. As a result, you have to cut your expenses. That may turn out to be good thing now. Not being able to buy everything you like can make you start saving money.

    Privacy? What’s that?

    6-privacySocial media, that once helped you in your voyage of love is now a weapon against you. Trust your elders; everything you do, like and share on social media will be judged. Not everyone is the same, but there are couples who share everything, including passwords… one wrong move and you are dead.

    Same goes for the time when you are out with your friends. You might get calls from your partner asking for your whereabouts. It is all right to be conscious about your safety, but too much enquiry spoils everyone’s mood. After all, it’s your life and you decide what you share with others.

    No time to spare!

    7-timeRemember the days when you could lay in bed all day long and watch movies? Now that’s just a memory for you! Your weekends are now the days that you catch up with your huge pile of work, that has accumulated over the week while you were busy spending time with your partner. Or in some cases, weekends are for dates, so you have to make sure you work twice during the weekdays. There are times that you just want to be alone; Singing, dancing, painting or doing something that you like. That is when you really miss being single!

    How to look good all the time?

    This is a question you are going to ask very soon. Almost all of us are late risers and hardly get 5 minutes to get ready before we go out every morning. Choosing a perfect outfit, selecting a hairstyle, wearing the perfect accessories takes a lot more time than that. And moreover, only a girl can understand the pain of shaving/waxing to look good every day. And for boys, they can no longer eat whatever they want. Now they must be vigilant about the belly fat they carelessly carry around.

    So these are some of the “side-effects” that you might face in your day to day life. These cases vary from person to person. But as roses have thorns, every relationship has its own problems. Are you as determined to be in a relationship now as you were before? If yes, go ahead, this is going to be wonderful in spite of all the hardships. And in the end you can decide for yourself if it was worth it.


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