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Put the Art and in Your Heart

As we age, we come to expect certain ailments. Although it can feel morbid to do so, it is fairly practical to prepare for the worst case scenario. One of the things doctors place an especially big emphasis on is the health of our hearts for those of us over 60; heart disease is the most likely cause of death for people aged 65 and over, so no wonder it is of great concern. We are always told of the practical things we can do in order to keep our ticker’s ticking – but what about the things your doctor might not tell you? It is important to enrich your whole life and make more positive experiences for yourself, not just go through the same processes.

The Practical Side of Things

Thanks to modern medicine, there is now so much advice on what we can adjust in our lifestyle in order to keep our hearts healthy. It is very important that you regularly see a doctor about any issues surrounding your health and follow their advice closely. This does not mean, however, that you can not take their advice one step further. This could mean the difference between simply changing habits and creating a whole new lifestyle for yourself.

The Fun Side of Things

For some, art is a natural calling, but for others, it takes more perseverance. The importance of actually making art, no matter how good or bad you may perceive it to be, is innumerable. The average person will not express 95% of their 60, 000 daily thoughts, so imagine how beneficial it would be if all of those pent up thoughts and emotions could be expressed through art. There has already been some research conducted into the link between depression and heart disease, and both conditions are to be taken very seriously.

What Can I Do?

As mentioned above, the type of art you choose to follow is completely up to you. Thankfully, a lot of creative outlets are encouraged online, so they can be pursued relatively cheaply. You could buy a second hand instrument and look up YouTube tutorials or simply buy a paint set and allow yourself to make a mess. The end result should not matter as much as the process – you are the one who will ultimately benefit from it, not your peers, so focus on the progress you are making, both creatively and in terms of your health.


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