Lesson from a son

Related imageIt is the short story about the Harry.

Harry is the son of the Oliver. Harry has a grandfather whose name is Peter. Harry is the very active boy and he is the very punctual. Harry is 9 years old boy and goes to school daily and spends his time with his grandfather after coming back to his school. It is a very happy family.

But one day Harry father Oliver made a room outside the house for the Peter. Oliver kept all the belongings of the Peter outside the house and he said to the Peter that “you should live outside the house there is no right on my things for you. You just stay away from us.”

Peter was very sad about his son’s Oliver behavior towards him. Peter started living outside the house.

So after few days Harry started throwing the all the things of his father Oliver outside the house. Oliver did not understand anything and asked the Harry “What happened to you why you are throwing all my things outside the house?” then Harry replied that “what is the need of keeping your things inside the house after 15 years you are going to stay outside of this house. Then what will be the difference if I throw the things now or then?”

Then Oliver felt ashamed on his behavior towards his father Peter.  Then he immediately went towards his father said sorry to him and brought him inside to the home.

And on that day onwards Harry was very happy and started spending his time with his grandfather.

In this way, Oliver learned a Lesson from his son Harry and felt very proud on Harry.

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