Last benchers Story

    last benchers

    Somewhere five years down the line when we will be busy settling our careers and busy in our schedule there will, of course, come some days which will cherish us forever and make us joyful!

    Were you ever thrown out of your class?

    Sometimes may be, for me I was always an outstanding student but not an outstanding student who use to annoy teachers or keep notes incomplete, I was always the first bencher I remember the last benchers story who use to make paper planes, paper balls, who were the most talented troop, or I can call the one who were seen infrequently.

    I remember my friend sharing his epic moments with me, this is what he shared

    ‘I being an engineering student we have huge classrooms and we last benchers couldn’t hear our professor’s voice, hence our teachers use the portable Bluetooth speakers, one day while he was explaining the boring lectures our whole of class was super bored, I had the password of that speaker do you know what I did ? I connected the speaker to my mobile and started playing baby doll song and the entire class was turned into a gig where our professor got so aggressive that he was looking at me as if my death was approaching me, before he could say anything and insult me I myself walked out of the class and never attended his lecture again. These are some things which one could never forget about.