Journey called life is beautiful


    It is well said that the real experiences of a person are much more interesting than fiction. So here i am with an amazing experience of this young girl whose new in life and its somewhere so called ugly and complicated reality. Lets find out what happens to her.

    The journey

    A cute little kiddish girl with lots of aspirations who has just graduated found out to her utter disappointment that yes the people who seems close your so called friends with whom you have made several memories, they do change or actually its just that everyone these days is a bit more self centered she doesn’t have any idea about whether it is a good thing or bad but she was a bit different. She felt sometimes that she is just not meant to fit in. But fortunately she got a highly supportive family which meant the world to her.

    She was blessed, they always guide her well, she trusted them and keeps following their valuable advises without a doubt. And after a long period of restlessness she finds her way out into a new world , a world similar to a roller coaster ride which has to unfold Its deep secrets for her. Life is realy simple but we insist on making it complicated.

    And the journey continues

    So by a new world i meant she found a job, a perfect one according to her. She was super excited. But soon it all seems like welcome to the hell , for first two days she wants to scream, cry loudly and all she wanted is to run away far from all the bullshitt. She founds  the atmosphere lonely, weird she felt as if she was stuck. The people were all into themselves, she started believing they are rude and hypocrites and living a superficial life. And yes for some specific people she developed this feeling of hatred. Never give up , stay positive, focused and strong.

    An Urge of not to give up

    oldeani0 / PixabayAnd she continued with this zeal to prove herself. Her passion drives her crazy to put in her best. She founds a solution that her complete focus in her work can somewhere help her out. And she proceeds further big dreams in her eyes and there she go. Everything in her life just twisted. Then she doesn’t required any sort of  support from anyone. She becomes an independent girl ready to fly high in the sky. To her astonishment she just rise in love with that place her work. She realised all the people at her work place are benevolent, cooperative, supportive and truly helpful. She again felt blessed to got such a marvelous atmosphere and a family in her fabulous colleagues. All the hatred just vanished , its all affection in her heart now.

    The lessons

    You know she learnt that everyone has their good and bad days. Might be when the people dint turn out good with her had their bad days or may be she beings a fresher was expecting too much from them. Basically she learnt that has to take one his own responsibilities. If you wants to fit it just hustle. Overnight success generally takes years of struggling, sleepless nights. She realised everyone help those who help themselves. Its OK not to be perfect, its OK if you do mistakes but its not OK to give up. And above all never stop trying. That’s just not allowed. She feels super excited every morning about going to her work place. And when she comes back she always have a new piece of information, an incredible experience.

    Life is all about learning.

    LEARNINGJust feel alive every moment, feel proud about it. Just think everyday you have to do your best its a new opportunity. So ultimately the thing is no one is actually bad its just that you have to learn to let go, everyone have their own reasons and story. Everyone worships the rising sun and as we all know world is a rat race And pigs don’t fly.

    So either you win or lose  there is no value of a consolation prize. And yes not to forget she founds some extremely adorable people even in her days of struggling one motivates her heartily ,one is always  concerned about her and stands by her, one guides her and makes her feel good, and one sweet and cheerful guy literally immensely helped her, answer all her questions with great calmness. And last but not the least her boss , a handsome and charming  guy with an aura that inspires her.

    cute-quotes-about-life-48A grounded person who know how to work with great ease in the most stressful environment, who has everything in right proportion, who knows when how where what to speak, how much to speak and when not to speak. He never forgets to give few minutes out of his precious time to this girl sometimes to guide her, sometimes to appreciate or ask about her experience. So see it depends on our perception now all the people at her work place turns out extremely winsome and lovable. She feels great about the fact that she got such outstanding people around her.

    She is seeking great pleasure now in every moment, it makes her feel even more alive , she knows she is on the path of growth with all the support from both of her families and most importantly form her own self. The will to learn and the desire to make it best are one of the biggest assets that a person possess.

    Always remember

    00-59-32-life-quotes-01If you want more you need to become more, the better you become , the better everything around you becomes. Life is all about how you react to your problems, if you can react and act wisely then all your problems will turn into your solutions. You are the best part of your life, turn into a legend. And yes when things don’t go right remember it takes 6 months to build a Rolls Royce and just 13 hours to build a Toyota.

    No matter how you feel get up , dress up and show up
    Be the game changer………..

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