Lesser known facts about Aamchi Mumbai.

    mumbai city

    Noisiest yet humble, Mumbai is a city that has been home to people over the period of years have little known facts that will surely leave you surprised. Yet in this fast-growing city there are things that have remained unchanged from decades. The busiest city in India has so many mysterious facts. From Chhatrapati Shivaji to beautiful evening at the Chowpatty to the city’s most favorite street food – Vada paav and pani puri. There is something beyond this that you need to know about the city.

    Here are some amazing facts that you did not know about our very own ‘Aamchi Mumbai’-

    • Bombay comes from ‘Bom Bahia’

    Before Mumbai, the city of dreams was famously known as ‘Bombay’. The city was also called as Bom Bahia which means the good bay in Portuguese. Therefore, the city was known as ‘Bombay’ during the entire British rule.


    • Mumbai was named after a local temple

    Mumbai’ the name came from a popular temple of Goddess Mumba Devi; which is situated in Bori Bunder, Mumbai.


    • World’s most expensive house is in Mumbai

    ‘Antilia’ named after an island Atlantic is a 27 storey house that is situated in Mumbai. This wonderful house is owned by the richest business tycoon, Mukesh Ambani. You’ll be surprised to know that currently its real price is 1 billion.


    • India’s first car owner lived here

    The first person to own a car in India was Jamshedji Nusserwanji Tata at 1901, he was India’s top business tycoon and the founder of Tata and group.


    • Largest slum in the world is in Dharavi

    Mumbai has the world’s largest slum that is situated in Dharavi. Mumbai is so demanding that even the slums here are considered to be the largest and the most expensive in India. These slums are well-known for making replicas of branded leather jackets, belts, shoes and more items.


    • Mumbai entertains India

    Mumbai is the hub of Bollywood, the Hindi film industry.


    • Central park (is the largest park in Asia and the third largest in the world)

    The Park has more than 35,000 sq.mt of green area and more than 28,000 sq.mt for the children’s play area only. The park has long stretches of grassy green hills. The park also has a large open air Amphitheater.


    • India’s largest theme park is in Mumbai

    Adlabs Imagica is India’s largest theme park, situated in Khopoli near Mumbai.


    • Largest national park within the city’s limits

    The name of the park is ‘Sanjay Gandhi National Park’. People residing in this city are unaware that, there are more than 172 species of butterfly and wide range of migratory birds. Other than the migratory birds the nation park is the home for jungle owlets, herons, woodpeckers, kingfishers and hornbills. The national park is a rich bio-diverse forest with huge number of different species of plants, animals, herbs, birds etc.


    • Mumbai is the seasonal home to flamingos

    The flamingo season runs through Mumbai’s winter, roughly from October to March. These seasonal flamingos have been the gems of city, since they suddenly began appearing in 1990’s on the Sewri-Mahul mudflats.


    • The Mumbai University

    The Mumbai University was founded in 1857 at the town hall and later in 1874 was shifted to the near Oval Maidan. Until 1904 the University was purely an exam conducting body. Teaching departments, research disciplines and post-graduate courses were added later.