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Sudeep Nagarkar does not needs any introduction as far as writing field is concerned.He is the best selling author of nine books.He is not only a good writer but also a good human being.He has readers from all over the world.

1.At what age he started writing

He started  writing in his after twenties at the age of  23 – 24

  1. His first creation was published in the year

His first book named Few Things Left Unsaid was published on 10th July 2011 which received a warm response from everyone.It was the debut novel for Sudeep Nagarkar.


3.His idea of becoming a full time writer

As Writing was his passion .He had written a couple of books.  Its was quite difficult to shift from engineering to management and then finally to becoming a full time writer.But he  had believe in himself was able to convince  his parents about his idea of becoming a full time writer.


  1. How many days he takes to complete a book

He takes a couple of months to complete writing his books.

  1. His stories are fiction

All his stories in his books are not out of fiction but are the stories of real life incidents.His stories are inspired from the real life incidents.His latest book All Rights Reserved For You is also the story of his life.

  1. How his life has changed after becoming a writer

After becoming a successful writer nothing has changed in his life.He is  same for his friends his family his relatives.He tries his level best to reply to his readers messages.He does not thinks how many books by him have been sold.Instead he tries to give readers a message through his books and tries to make positive changes in his books.In short he tries his level best to give a social message to his readers in his books.

  1. How he stay calm while writing a book                      

      He tries to stay calm while writing a book.He is supported by his spouse Jasmine.She is the one who supports him while he is writing a book.She calms her down from the very start of him writing a book to the book being published.


  1. At what time he prefers writing during day or in night

He doesn’t have any specific time to write.Once he starts writing he gets completely engrossed in it.


  1. His first reader

All his books are always read by Jasmine.She is his first reader from his very first book to his latest book.

  1. His message to all the budding writers and his extended family his readers?

His message to especially the Budding Writers is to be patient and to be honest in their writings.

His message to his extended family his readers is to stay happy stay healthy.To come out of the virtual world and live in the real world.To spend time with friends and family.


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