Imprisoned Soul


    Imprisoned Soul #I’m human being first

    Before I start I want you to do this following things ;

    Just imagine wherever you are going there is always an eye staring  you making weird faces even sometimes making fun of you, Not Cool isn’t it?

    Now imagine you are not allowed to enter certain places like hotels, picnic spots or even some temples etc…Disappointing isn’t it?

    Now lets imagine you have to leave your family, your beloved ones & your city and you have to stay to some other place ,no its ain’t hostel you have to stay there until you die..Sad isn’t it?

    okay the last one, Now imagine you being as a Transgender what a transgender, what the hell I’m talking about, but yes the things I have asked you to do in beginning they were all for just a second still I know you have found it so absurd….But that is something faced by every transgender in our society everyday & that all was just few one I have listed there are many more….

    You might be thinking why I’m telling all this, this is because today I have experienced something that really hit deep inside me making me so clueless I started interrogate myself “the society in which I live is it really full of humans or just they claim to be human?”    

    transgenderToday when I was in train on my way to work I saw a Transgender I found it lil weird because I saw a girl with her in school uniform  I went towards them, I asked her why this girl is with her  & her answer left me speechless she said ,” Beta I know why you are confused I had not kidnapped or done anything wrong with this girl…I found this girls left alone to die in a dustbin at the time she was born, I know what it feels like to be left alone as I have no one I’m stuck in this society but I’ll not let this happen with her from that day I had decided to nurture  this child educate her I’ll give her all happiness what she deserves ; she is my daughter I’m not her biological mother still there is something that ties me with her & I guess that’s “humanity” I’m human first than a transgender “ as her one sided conversation ended all I could do was simply smile& said I really respect & appreciate what she is doing, until I could speak anything else their destination arrived that lil girl wave me a-byee” and they went away. I wonder in world where no one wants a baby girl that transgender is nurturing a girl even though she has nothing Strange isn’t?

    Today  we talk about “Equality” we want equality in everything equality in speech, equality in freedom of equal access to social goods and services, We talk about men women equality , a term “feminism” is getting common now-a-days it’s the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes. We all are fighting for our rights since very long time and we have achieved somewhat but have we taught about the transgender who are dealing with lots of difficulties too but they don’t have anyone to fight for them they can’t even complaint for that there are certain laws for them but they are not enough even they too deserves a lot. There are some transgender who are appreciated for incredibly doing fantastic in many fields we have to encourage more of them. In many countries lots of laws have been made legal for the transgender now its time to bring a change in our society too because being A Transgender is secondary they are a Human begin first.


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