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How To Create Google Forms? | Customize Google Forms, Make Quizzes

Creating various forms and surveys was once a challenging task when you were supposed to do it with the help of various third-party apps and software. Collection and assembling of the data were also not as simple as you were supposed to manage all the things. With the rollout of Google forms, all the tasks like creating various forms, surveys, and assembling the collected data became more comfortable than ever before.

Google Forms have your back in various cases, whether it is about a party invite, a contact information form, event registration form, or any survey. Creating a Google Form for any of your personal or professional requirements is no rocket science. You just need to visit the official website of Google forms, choose the format of your form, and start with entering the details you want in the form.

As soon as you create and distribute a form, you can head towards the responses by just tapping the form and then opening the response tab. Check the below-mentioned steps to know how you can create a form and design it according to your need.

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1 How to create Google Forms and customize them?

How to create Google Forms and customize them?

Total Time: 10 minutes

Open any browser in your laptop or desktop and then type docs.google.com/forms and hit the enter button.

google forms

You will land on the Google Forms page from where you have to click on the templates button.

google form

Now choose the appropriate template for your form from various templates available on the page. Keep it in mind, that you can also choose the blank quiz template to create your own customized theme for the form along with questions and parts.


From the editor, you can change the theme, background color, and the cover image of the form according to your preference. You can change the font style of your forms too as Google Forms offer four different font styles for personalizing the forms.

edit template

Select the type of answers you want in each of the questions asked on the form including short answers, paragraphs, drop-down, checkboxes, and a few more to choose from. You can also include add photos and videos button in response to the questions asked in the form so that the people who will fill the form can upload a relevant video or photograph if required.


Add video, questions, or anything that is required in your form and then click on the preview button to view how your form will look like. To add questions in your form, you just can keep clicking the ‘+’ button available at the right side of the screen.

google form add questions

Once you are done, click the send button, now you can send the form via mail, or you can copy the URL of the form and share it with the concerned people whose responses you need.

What Next?

You can also share the form directly to Facebook and Twitter by clicking on the social media button available above your form.

Now that you know all the basics related to creating and designing a form on Google Forms as per your need now is the time to know how you can create a quiz using Google Forms.

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How to create quizzes using Google Forms?

  1. To convert your simple form into a quiz, firstly you need to go to the settings tab, click on the quizzes tab, and then click on make this a quiz option that will turn your form into a quiz.
  2. You can now alter the settings related to the quiz’ right answers to responses and you can also add a feature that will ask the candidates to complete the quiz in case they leave any questions.
  3. After all this, add options in each question and then click on Save the quiz button available on the screen.
  4. Now click on the Answer Key button, tick the correct option, and assign the points. You can even add feedback to your answers.

Note: In the form, your respondents can be awarded with full marks to correct responses that you can simply check by visiting the responses tab on the official Google Forms page.


This is how you can use Google Forms to create various surveys, quizzes, and other sorts of data collection forms. It simply cuts out the burden you have to bear in data collection and management. The best part about Google Forms is that you can even share the responses submitted by various people by just tapping the three dots menu available at the top right corner of the screen and clicking on the add collaborators button. Now, you can simply enter the email IDs of the people who you want to add as collaborators on your form.

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