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Home Warranty – Protect Your Home From Unexpected Repair Costs

Home warranties can be an invaluable resource in Colorado, especially during its chilly winters when systems and appliances may struggle to function correctly. Home warranties can either be purchased directly by residents or included as an offer by builders who sell new homes.

One in five new homes sold come with a two to ten home builders warranty (HBW) from two to ten years, offering additional financial security in case of claims made against your home. While not homeowner’s insurance, these warranties can help to mitigate financial loss should any arise after claims. Colorado home warranties can be a tremendous experience. 

It’s not insurance

Home warranty companies in Colorado offer various plans tailored to fit the specific needs of their clients, such as appliance, system and combination coverage plans. Prices depend on both plan type and provider – some even provide roof coverage! Homeowners frequently turn to home warranty plans as an easy solution when unexpected repair costs arise.

Understanding the differences between home warranties and insurance policies is essential. While home warranties do not constitute insurance policies, they still cover certain items of a homeowner’s policy that might otherwise fall outside its coverage. Homeowners may find both policies helpful.

Home warranties can be invaluable to new homebuyers and existing homeowners alike. At some point in their ownership journey, every homeowner will face major repairs that are inconvenient and expensive; having one can reduce financial burden significantly as well as protecting an HOA from having to cover such repairs out-of-pocket.

It’s not for everyone

No matter how well-maintained your home and appliances may be, repairs will eventually need to be performed and replacement costs can quickly add up. Home warranties provide relief against such expenses but it’s essential to find out exactly what their coverage includes and excludes – an experienced home warranty company in Colorado should list what systems and appliances they cover clearly as part of their plans – some even offer combined plans which cover both systems and appliances!

Home warranties in Colorado Springs can be an excellent investment if you want to protect yourself against costly repairs. When selecting your provider, ensure they offer comprehensive coverage and reliable service – read reviews and receive quotes from multiple providers to compare plans before purchasing one. Purchasing one at any point during home ownership or when selling is particularly useful; existing warranties can even be transferred over to the new owner!

It’s not a builder’s warranty

Though home warranties may seem like a good deal, they’re not actually insurance policies. While home warranties cover household systems and appliances, they don’t compare to being required by any lender.

Home warranties in Colorado provide protection from unexpected expenses associated with homeownership, such as the repair or replacement of systems or appliances such as a garbage disposal or water heater.

Home warranties provide additional help with routine maintenance, too. A homeowner can submit an online or phone service request, and an experienced technician from their home warranty company will come out to assess and often fix issues on-the-spot, saving them from incurring expensive repairs or replacements costs. In addition to covering household appliances and systems, these home warranties also provide coverage for common amenities like smoke detectors, garage door openers and ceiling fans; some plans even offer coverage for septic systems and swimming pools!

It’s not a warranty for new homes

Home warranty companies such as HWA offer plans designed to shield new homeowners from unexpected repair costs. While homeowners insurance covers only damages caused by accidents or events out of one’s control, a home warranty will cover repairs for appliances or systems that break down during normal usage or due to age-related wear and tear.

Before purchasing a plan, it’s vitally important for prospective buyers to carefully examine its terms and conditions as well as coverage limits. Furthermore, we advise asking companies for sample contracts and quotes; additionally the Colorado Division of Insurance offers resources that enable customers to verify a company’s license as well as file complaints and more.

No matter whether you are buying, selling or living in your Colorado home already, the top home warranty companies will have an ideal plan that fits both your needs and budget. No matter where it’s situated – Rocky Mountains or Denver city center – home warranties provide valuable savings when appliances and systems break down.


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