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Heatwaves striking Kolkata

Heatwaves have been reported to take lives in India, and has striked Kolkata as well.The temperature is on a rising spree this year in kolkata with a high average of 43o C  and a low average of 28o C for the past seven days.Weather reports predict that the temperature will lie around 38-42 C for the rest of April.

The humidity is falling as an adverse impact of the scorching dry heat .It has been reported that a suffocating grip of heatwaves have been striking kolkata between 12 noon and 3 pm.It is advisable to stay indoors during the afternoon periods.The weather conditions are having an adverse impact on health,causing dehydration,diarrhoea and sunstrokes.Heat-wave

Doctors advise the use of sunscreens and sun glasses to protect against the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun.One must drink atleast 8 litres of water a day loaded with electrolytes to beat the heat.April and May are considered the premonsoom months,before the onset of heavy rainfall in June and July.summer-heat
However this year,it is predicted to be extremely hot during these months.Occasional few drizzles have been reported with a turnover to  hot sultry weather conditions.
The reason can be attributed to the bare premonsoon showers which has not been able to bring down the temperatures . This weather pattern coupled with El Nino effect which is considered to raise temperatures in Asia are to be blamed.The temperature and the climate changes have claimed lives all over the country and it is time to address this issue seriously and fast.The dependency on air coolers and air conditioners have caused power shortages in various parts of the country,especially the shopping malls, hospitals, industries draw in a large amount of power to run their generators.
Water bodies are drying faster than they are getting filled ,some fishes and water plants cannot thrive in shallow water which is affecting the biodiversity of the lakes and ponds.



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