Divine self love

    self love
    johnhain / Pixabay

    Stop wishing start doing- self love, self respect and self worth.

    If not you then who, if not now then when. This is the the perfect time to begin a new journey to enter into a brand new world of fantasies , that no one can ever shatter except you. Only you have the remote control of your life so its time to make it large as life. Firstly stop this blame game, stop doubting your worth, stop allowing others to dilute or poison your life, don’t give anyone right to tell you what you deserve. Stop trying to become someone else, look like someone else, speak like someone else. Don’t care if anyone likes you or not, its not your job to impress all.

    Turn courageous, you are not a coward, you are no less. You should be your favorite.  Believe me you are special, you are your biggest critic and strength,  just dare to be yourself no one can play your role better than yourself and once you will start living in this way life will be easier. You are important , if you cannot love or respect yourself,  you cannot love or respect  other people as well. Loving yourself is the very first step. You will realise that anguish , agony, convulsion were just mere signs that you were living against your own self and this is the ultimate truth.

    Secrets to Real Happiness as wide as a world

    self loveThe real happiness lies within your own self. Our dreams, aspirations all this, is basically a journey of SELF DISCOVERY. You become what you believe. If you keep thinking and talking you will reach nowhere but as soon as you become your best friend and start doing, it will be a helluva start , then you will able to realise what makes you shine and happy. Rise above all to eternal glory, its ok not to be perfect, perfection is not attainable you have to create it. If you cannot control the direction of winds adjust your sail to reach your destination. If you are not getting any way out make your own ways , fly high , rise in love with one and only YOURSELF. It only seems impossible until its not done.  No matter what good, better ,best just never let it rest keep working hard and one day all your problems will give up and that is when you will find the life of your dreams and then you will realise  the worth of all this struggle which will turn  you into a precious being. If you have endure more pain , you will turn into a strong ang real person and your success will be more meaningful.

    A world to condemn

    If there is a world to glory , then it is also a bitter truth that there is a world full of evils, that are always ready to pull you down. Their harsh words, can shatter all your hopes and dreams with the blink of an eye. And sometimes even the suitations or circumstances pledge to stand against all your efforts. Everything looks meaningless, in vain but this is the only time when your determination, your faith in youself, your passion can pave the mountains and bridge the sea. Dont be other’s prisoner, stop listening or caring about their views. You can stand with yourself, you hold infinty in the palms of your hands and eternity in an hour, happiness is attained through fidelity to a worthy life , a worthy self.

    You cannot find peace by avoiding life – Virginia Woolf

    Life of dreams

    There is no escape you cannot stop living, you have to keep moving to make it worthy , make it cherishable, live every moment at its fullest. No matter how you feel wake up, dress up and show up. Life is amazing and so as we, just understand this little thing. Confront the reality and make it big , believe in yourself, your dreams are given to you for a reason and you can definitely make them come true with lots of self love, hard work, and a big cute smile. Just feel this –i want to do what spring does with flowers. You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep spring from coming And You are the spring of your life. Go , you can do it .

    self loveIn the dew of little things let your life, your heart, your happiness, your dreams find their mornings and feel refreshed….These small things one day will make a huge difference….Stay happiest and feel highly proud about yourself, it is as important as  breathing…..