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Crazy Rides

Are you bored with life? Isn’t your life interesting? Do you want to Are you tired of your daily routine work and are you crazy enough to try something different in life, then here are few things can boost up your enthusiasm and kicks away your boredom.

Bungee Jump

No matter how many things you do to boost up your enthusiasm. Bungee jump is one of them to be added to your must try bucket list. Bungee jump involves jumping from a tall structure or from a mountain with the help of an elastic cord. The thrill is from jumping from such a high level that to free falling and then rebound.


Jet Pack Flight

Have seen the iron man? The way he lifts himself with his Suit. Want to roam around like a bird that too with a Jet Speed then you need to try the Jet Pack Flight. Crazy isn’t it? Jet pack flight gives the same ride as Iron Man does in movies.


Waterfall Kayaking

When you see a waterfall then first thing comes into mind is to just get under it and enjoy the waterfall. Thinking on other side of the coin how about going on top and falling with the water. Yes, waterfall Kayaking gives you the thrill of falling from mountain heights with the water. Just get a Kayak and there nothing much to explain just fall with the waterfall.



Skiing can be done in water and ice. Water skiing is a surface water sport in which a person is being polled by a Speed boat on Ski. Skiing can be done in snow areas. Heli Skiing is done downhill skiing on a snowboard which is pulled by helicopter.



Zorbing is a recreation sport which involves rolling down the hill. Rolling down the hill inside an Ord, made of transparent plastic.

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