ENVY, the smallest this word is, the biggest role it plays.

It’s a human trait. Envy means to have a quality, possession, other desirable thing belonging to someone else . A person aspires to become like the other person. Envy is not something genetic or inherited from our forefathers. It’s something which we acquire from life. It’s a temporary factor but can become permanent factor in one’s life as depends on an individual will. It’s sometime makes a man or destroys a man. It’s not a simple word with simple meaning but much more beyond that.

envy_quoteEnvy can be of two types. It can be a positive envy, where one person gets inspiration to become a successful man like the other person. It can also be a negative envy, where one person gets the inspiration to destroy that another man.

envyLet’s start with a positive envy, where a person never feel upset in seeing another man’s  success. Infact, he observes that person’s actions, reaction, his way of dealing with every difficult situation. Then, he prepares himself to follow those footsteps and listen to his heart. In this manner one can achieve any ladder of success in life. A person, who always learns something or the other from his friends, relatives and cousins never leads to failure in life. He gets inspired instead and he carries off that inspiration with his courage and hard work. Later, he becomes an ENVY of himself and get inspired from within. He creates a new chapter everyday in his life by taking envy with a optimistic view.

Do not overrate what you have received, nor envy others. He who envies others does not obtain peace of mind.

Now, the negative aspect of ENVY. It’s a feeling of resentful longing aroused by someone else’s qualities or luck. Person cannot think that a word, which illumines one’s life with light can also darken his life also. This envy deals with evilness, resentment, bitterness one feels by seeing another’s possessions. This envy destroys relationships. It create a void between people. It just take away the optimism a person have ever. It sucks person from within. A person gets lost in seeing other person failure in life.

jealousy-sayingsA friendship between two people can also become a victim of this envy. It just makes you forgets the self of yours and starts making you other of yourself. It kills a person from side. Envy replaces the feeling of love, compassion and generosity. A person wears a mask of being good but inside that mask he already becomes a an envious person. Nowadays, people are dying more of this envy than of cancer.

We should give this envy a new positive meaning. Where people learn something from one another and reach to the peak in their respective life.


Prerna juneja
Prerna juneja
I am a literature student. I love to explore things around me. I want to create a change in society through my writing. I believe in hard work is a key to success.

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