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How To Prepare For CLAT- The Common Law Admissions Test.

You have all the time in the world, so why don't you get a start in the career you want? And for law, you need to start preparing for CLAT.

Schitt’s Creek: Going Out At Its Peak With A Bang!

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Freddy Krueger: Remembering Hollywood’s Best Horror Villain.

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Utilising Time Effectively to Study In The Quarantine.

With the Quarantine still on, we have an abundance of time. However, are we still using it effectively, and how can we? Read more to find out.

Safe Skin Care Tips To Practice During This Quarantine.

In this heat and pollution, it is important for us to give our face and skin all the love. Use this lockdown to give your skin the attention it deserves.

Top Ten Hollywood Movies Based on Classic Literature.

Most of the movies we see today are based on the classics of the old. Read more for the top ten movies that were adapted from classic literature.

Never Have I Ever: Hard Pass On Teen Comedy Or Is It Worth Binging?

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Is ZOOM As Safe As It Claims To Be? We Break It Down.

Is the ZOOM app as secure as you think it is? Read more on the ZOOM app, it's faults and defects, and how it may infringe on our data privacy.

Recognising Signs of Mental Illness in Loved Ones and Helping Them.

How do we recognise when a loved one suffers from a mental illness? How to help them? Learn to help and support your loved ones through their tough times.

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