5 Raving Breakfast Spots in Chennai


    Breakfast brings to your mind a beautiful image of a healthy platter of toast, eggs, hash browns and a generous glass of orange juice. To those of us who lean toward a traditional meal prefer dosa, idli or vadas! Either way, skipping breakfast is never considered a wise decision. A bowl of cereal and fruit could produce a massive change in your everyday routine.

    Do you have lazy mornings and can’t get past making a decent cup of coffee? Do you want the ultimate breakfast experience dabbling in international cuisines? Here are my five raving breakfast spots to hit when I don’t feel like moving a muscle in the morning. Other than booking an uber that is!



    5 Raving Breakfast Spots in Chennai

    This cafe persists true to its name as they serve waffles, all day, every day! You can opt for waffles dusted with sugar, topped with sugary strawberries and whipped cream or chocolate wary lovers should latch onto the chocolate sauce and banana toppings. And that’s just hardly scratching the surface, their menu scatters in classic pancakes, savoury waffles, poached eggs, waffle pies, crepes and much more. They even have set breakfast menus which go easy on the pocket. If you are looking to make it a waffle date, you know the place!


    5 Raving Breakfast Spots in Chennai

    One of the most decadent tea rooms in Chennai has more to offer than just tea. An all-day breakfast carte du jour comprising of your favourite classics like eggs benedict to those perfectly stacked pancakes with drizzling maple syrup. Their American breakfast menu is lip-smackingly delicious and so are their corn and cheese balls. I particularly relished their veggie pizza, chocolate cupcakes with crunchy chocolate sprinkles and a nice quiet cup of Chinese tea. The teahouse provides a lulled and hassle-free dining experience, you wouldn’t want to miss out on it.


    5 Raving Breakfast Spots in Chennai

    R A Puram boasts of this cafe with its vibrant variety of European cuisine breakfast buffet. Looking for the ultimate breakfast experience, this is by far the best place I have been to. The L’amandier platter consists of scrumptious eggs, a tall glass of juice, crispy bacon, sausage, herb roasted cheese tomato, potato rosti, toasted bread with butter and marmalade, and a colourful seasonal fruit bowl. All of these for just a reasonable price and you couldn’t ask for more. Next time your stomach craves a big bad breakfast, you know just the place.


    5 Raving Breakfast Spots in Chennai

    With its vivacious carte of Chinese, Italian, Portuguese and Mexican cuisines, one must know exactly what the morning cravings of the body are. Though Tibetan momos are not a breakfast favourite, I gobbled them up with my baby hands alongside caramelised crepes and a long glass of lemonade. The Sunday breakfast platter gets a thumbs-up for my side. Located amidst the busy streets of Alwarpet, this spot is an explicit yes!


    5 Raving Breakfast Spots in Chennai

    Gushing effete croissants, viennoiseries, porridge, pan au chocolate and much more, this cafe implores the goodness of baked delicacies and excellent conversation starters. Everything on the menu is absolutely divine, from greasy BBQ chicken wings to gourmet burgers, this place has it all! It is your kind of quiet and noisy, coupled into one. Your indolent mornings can get transformed into a bold and a bright day.

    Does my 5 favourite breakfast spots hit-list tingle your taste buds?  Don’t be shy to visit any of the places mentioned above if you are craving that complete and perfect breakfast.


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