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4 Most Common Scenarios That Could Lead You to Losing Your Hearing Aids

If you are anything like the average human being then you know how easy it is to misplace your things. Usually, these are not too serious and although it is annoying, it doesn’t have a big impact. However, losing your hearing aid has greater consequences than losing your right sock. 

Whether you use Miracle-Ear devices for tinnitus relief or any other hearing aid device, there are certain situations that are more conducive to losing your hearing aid than others. While there may be more than just four situations, the below are the most commonly reported:

1.    Pets in the house

Having small dogs or cats in the house can be a wonderful thing. However, they can also get up to mischief. If you leave your hearing aid on counter tops, then cats can easily knock them onto the floor. And once your cat has knocked it onto the floor, then it immediately becomes a toy or a piece of interest to them. At this point, it could be anywhere in the house; under the fridge, bed or sofa. 

2.    Small Children in the house

Children are curious little humans and like to investigate new discoveries. If you have children in the house, be sure to keep your hearing aid out of arm’s reach. 

3.    Crowded Restaurant

It could be a crowded restaurant or any other situation where you remove the hearing aid and set it down. If you place the hearing aid down on a surface that is not familiar to you, it is easy to forget that you even placed it there and get up to leave without it. You can avoid these situations by having a handbag that you can put the hearing aid into immediately, without having to place it down on a surface. If you already have one, then get into the habit of putting the hearing aid into your bag immediately after removing it from your ears. 

4.    Disorganized dressing table

This is one of the most common situations for people who lose their hearing aids. Having a messy dresser table, or any surface that is disorganized can become a wormhole where your belongings get sucked into. 

Fortunately, this can also be easily rectified. Simply organize your dressing table or vanity case and have a specific spot where you know that you keep your hearing aid. 

If you found yourself with a misplaced hearing aid, you should do the following:

Retrace your steps

When was the last time you remember having your hearing aid? If it was in a public place then you can go back to the last place you remember having it and ask if anyone turned it in. If you have cats or small dogs, check under everything where it could have possibly fallen. 

Contact your hearing aid specialist

If it is within one year of receiving it, your hearing aid could be covered by the manufacturer. 

Remember, prevention is better than cure. Keep your hearing aid in a safe and secure place to prevent misplacing it. 


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