15 Vintage Photos Which Will Make You Think How Could Someone Look So Ugly On Their Wedding?

Wedding day!!! The one day that everyone girl waits for. Not only they get a husband but also they get to dress up like princess, waiting for their prince charm. This is the best day in their life so they dress up like the prettiest girl in the world. But sorry girls, not everyone looks best in their wedding. Some looks terribly ugly. Sorry girls, could not stop myself from sharing this but mark my words these girls should have consulted a beautician for their best day.

1.The “chasma wala” bride

1 2

2.the ugly twins marring ugly twins

2 2

3.the military and school girl couple

3 2

4.the fatty fat bride

4 2

5.the vintage professor look wala couple

5 2

6.the pyramid of ugliness

6 2

7.did they forgot to look at the mirror???

7 2

8.horrible styling!!!

8 1

9.did someone stole her smile?

9 1

10.dont look at me!!! I am looking horrible.

10 1

11.sorry I cant stand more and I cant stand you too!!


12.we are the children of holiness!


13.I don’t care if it my wedding shoot, I wont leave my tv 😛


14.Its going to be your death day mr.hubby


15.We look weirdly twin



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