10 Celebrities Who Were Cheerleaders..


It’s hard to imagine our favorite stars having life before they were famous, but in actuality there was a time when they were just like us. Yeah before ruling the hearts of each guy in the world, these celebrities already had a reputation to steal the hearts of thousands being the cheerleaders. Cheerleaders are sexy, popular and hot like hell so are these celebrities. I personally never doubted that these celebrities would have been cheerleaders at some point of time but I guess you would be shocked to see this.

1.Megan Fox

Megan fox, before she was deemed one of the Hollywood’s hottest female actress, she was just normal teenage girl. Fox attended high school at Morningside Academy in Port Saint Luci, FL and was even a member of the Varsity cheerleading team. Who’s got spirit? This girl does!

2.Alicia Silverstone

Before she got her big break playing Cher Horowitz in clueless, actress Alicia Silverstone was just a regular high school student with school spirit. Silverstone cheered at San Mateo High School in California before dropping out to act full time.

3.Brooklyn Decker

At the age of 25, model turned actress Brooklyn Decker could probably still pass for a high school cheerleader. Brooklyn Decker used to be a cheerleader on Butler high school in 2005.

4.Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz never talked more about her cheerleading carrier. But since she dropped out at age of 16 to pursue modeling in 1989, it is known that she used to be the top cheerleader at Long Beach Polytechnic High School, California.

5.Blake Lively

It should come as no surprise that the elegant Blake lively was a cheerleader for her high school’s football team, the Burbank bulldog. Coming from a family of actors, actress Blake lively wasn’t particularly interested in the business in her formative years which gave her time to attend, cheer for, and actually participate in a cheerleading competition.

6.Dakota Fanning

Taking a break from her life as an actress, Dakota Fanning looked like any other teenager performing with her cheerleading squad at her high school football game on October 20 2015. The 14-year-old movie star had her own cheering section including her sister Elle and her mother.

7.Miley Cyrus

I don’t want take deep look into miss Miley Cyrus’s life as I completely don’t like her at all. But that doesn’t matter in anyway. So it is believed that before being a bitch who acts like being possessed by a devil, she used to be a grade school cheerleader.

8.Kristie Alley

Actress Kristie Alley hit it big in late ‘80s getting cast in NBC’S legendary sitcom cheers. Even back then it would have been hard to tell that this little girl from Kansas would turn into the actress we know now. Alley cheered at Wichita High school in Kansas.

9.Lindsay Lohan

Can you imagine that? A member of Lohan family was actually a part of cheerleading team? Especially Lindsay? With having an image of spoil brat, Lindsay was actually an adorable cheerleader at Calhoun High school in Merrick, New York.


Yeah I know, this is something unexpected but it’s true. Before being the pop legend of the world, she attended and cheered for Rochester Adams High school. It was like in mid ‘70s. Still she has that potential till now.