Why you must write

There are some moments in life when you just can’t say anything. Your throat is giggling but you can’t speak. Your palm is wet, but same …you can’t speak. Your inner soul is threatening you with the fact that if you will not say now then you will be losing this, but as usual you can’t do it. Than just after this, your brain and heart speak together that you should write. You should just pick up a pen and a paper and just write. Yes it will take a little bit of time but just write. Just put all your heart on that paper. Don’t be in your circle of comfort. Hold that pen and come in your circle of courage. It will give you immense pleasure. And then you start writing.

Now the basic question arises. Why you should write? Benefits of writing go beyond our imagination and vocabulary. No matter what the quality you propose for your writing, what topic you choose, eventually it increases you mental and psychological strength. When you start writing about you emotional upheavals, you can evaluate your own life. Writing expresses who you are as an individual or as a human. It is portable and permanent yet reliable. It helps you move easily among facts, inferences and ideas of your own and copied. Waiting until you know precisely what it is you want to say or to begin writing is low-productivity, writing strategy. You must write in order to learn what it is you want to say, no matter how much you are confident about yourself when you start. Then, of course, the writing must be revised with mind. The main difference between verbal and written communication is that you may not have words to say something but while writing you can end that hesitation. Writing is the most promising and appreciable mode of communication. What you think, you feel, you observe, all that you can write.

Most of people  who starts writing has a common phobia and that irrational and overwhelming phobia of writing is called graphophobia.  People often doubt their ability to write or they even fear that would it be possible for completing the writing. This may be due to lack of self esteem in you or you have lack of ideas. But believe it or not ,  you are not the one who is suffering from this. Worrying that the writing you are doing is unimportant or thinking that what would be the audiences’ feedback is a fast track to derailing your own productivity. Just do it. By allowing ourselves and forcing ourselves, to produce writing that we know will not make it into a final product is very essential for our own efficiency. Actually Writing is an act that denies to expect efficiency  and productivity  .We make new connections, learn to express what we want to say, even make new discoveries, generate new ideas.

A very often heard line from our elders is “think before you say”. But the same thing is not necessarily applicable for writing. You can write anything. Yes of course think before you show it to anyone.  But writing is not bounded by showing. Through writing you can express. Either you express it to you or anybody else. But you can express. The writing you produce may even not be published to public or a specific, but that process is essential for the production of knowledge, no matter what our ideas are,  no matter what form our writing takes.

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