Are really Marriages are made in Heaven

People always refer marriage as a life time event that bond two people. They always refer that marriages are made in heaven. When told Marriages are made in Heaven few people don’t agree with it.

No Marriage is made in heaven rather happen on earth with a lot of work and expenditure. Marriages are rather made in heart and mind. The one made in the heart rust with time and the one made in the mind lack intimacy and the ones made in both heart and mind last. Heaven comes nowhere comes in it. Marriage is a book which initial chapters has a poetry and the remaining all are prose.

Two people to live together love is only not enough. It needs more than love to make a happy living of two unknown individuals. Love is definitely not enough for a successful marriage. If only love is enough for a relationship work most people wouldn’t have the problems with their marriage. Many seems to see marriage as a union in which both people have a hold on each other that strips away the others freedom. The truth is marriage does not mean the two of you are no longer free and one binds the other.

A lot of us think that marrying the one they love and imagine a life filled with endless romance, passion and closeness that will automatically always be there. A healthy marriage filled with love, passion and closeness is possible.

Lot of people with incompatible views get married with hope that once they are married things will get better. Truth is that nobody is exactly has the same views and that is not required in order to have a good relationship and marriage.

If a two successful people marry, their egos may collide in a fight that just can’t be won. When ego is lost limit is lost. You become infinite, kind, beautiful. Indifferent views always arises one or the other day.

A happy marriage is in the hands of both husband and wife. Romance has to be kept alive in a successful marriage. Should feel happiness in presence of one another. As the years go by, build shared experiences and find ways to add spice to your life. Never take the relationship for granted. Balance between work and family acknowledging that both contribute to one’s happiness and the strength of their relationship. Accept each other, without trying to change each other. The deepest craving of human nature is the need to be appreciated as is. Love is not just living own life, but also sharing it and this requires constant forgiveness. It’s making a million mistakes and turning them into learning experiences. Love is patience, optimism, and sometimes it’s a simple hug when there is nothing left to say.

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