Their eyes first met in the class

    He was sitting before her she remembers

    She rapidly fell for him when he took a glance

    She never knew when he took away the heart of her

    Slowly they became friends

    Feeding each other during breaks

    After that they had a gang

    Those four people could do what other people cant

    This time she got to know her best friend loves him

    So she started feeling guilty and tried to stop the feeling

    He became some hero and was famous

    Some people were fond of him and some jealous

    She was always there standing at the back to help him

    It used to hurt her a lot as she remained the same but he was changing

    He got other friends and left her

    The untold words were never again told

    Every time she tried to touch him he would get away far

    But the feeling in her stayed and became old

    One day he got his love and introduced her

    She instantly put on a fake smile and told “you guys are made for each other”        

    He gave that happy smile to her once again

    From that time she knew that was the end

    The feeling stayed for days and years

    Whenever she saw them happy she would break down into tears

    She always waited and waited

    Because for her love doesn’t means revenge

    And he became happy with his love forever

    But she was never able to forget him as she had a heart which was pure and clearfeelin

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