Top 5 tips to remove stretch marks at home

Stretch marks are something that happens with all the body type and can occur due to various reasons. It can cause by oscillation of weights, exercise, pregnancy or just growing up. In all such circumstances our body shape observes a sudden change and as an outcome it damages the skin. They first start to appear as purplish or reddish tone and after a while it revolves into silvery steaks in all over the body.

We are not going to discuss the reasons behind this like how the body changes, what kind of hormones get secreted and how we term this in medical science. We just want to share with you some DIY tips to get rid of stretch marks in home. They look really embarrassing and can be mentally distressing too. But we have some great solutions for you. Try them out and see the results on your own.

Recipe for making a stretch mark cream:

This is the most tested tip by us. You just need to collect some ingredients and make a paste from them. So what will you need? You will require one third cup of cocoa butter, 1 tbsp of pure honey, 1 tea spoon lemon juice and 2 tbsp of olive oil and almond oil each. Mix them all together and this will instantly make a creamy texture. Lastly add 4 to 5 vitamin E capsules (not necessary though) juice with the cream and apply all over the affected areas with stretch patches. Give a gentle massage for 10 long minutes.

Do get the best result use it twice a day. You can try one before taking bath and can do the next while going for sleep at night. Wait at least half an hour to get it dried and then clean the cream with a wet cloth. If you try this procedure for 2 to 3 months then all your stretch marks are going to vanish.

Use Bio-oil every day:

Bio-oil is something that works the best on the stretch marks. It contains all the anti aging and moisturizing elements and can heal those affected areas in just 2 to 3 weeks of time. Bio-oil is just not for stretch marks only but it works perfectly on scars, uneven skin tone and dehydrated skin tone. Use it on a daily basis and apply this on the marks three times a day and just give a gentle massage and you are good to go. There are a lot of websites on the internet where you can buy bio-oil at really low price range. You can also buy pure bio-oil from any medicated stores.

Pregnant woman rubbing stretch mark cream on stomach --- Image by © DK Limited/Corbis
Image by © DK Limited/Corbis
Collagen creams are also a great alternative:

Collagen creams contain all those substances that reduce stretch marks from the body. But every collagen cream cannot suit each body types. So before choosing a collagen cream for your stretch marks, consult your physician to know about the ideal cream for your skin tone. Buy it from any nearest medical stores and apply according to the prescription of the physician.

Itchy stretch marks-how to get relief?

Suppose you have itchy stretch patches and they bother you all the day but you should never scratch on them as this will only augment the issue and nothing else. To get a relief from those itchy stretch marks all you need to do is take a cool yoghurt paste and gently massage it on the affected area and leave that till it gets dried. Though this is a lengthy process but you will get the result as soon as possible.

How to hide stretch marks quickly:

If you have to go to a party and you choose a sleeve less dress then the matter which makes you embarrass the most is your stretch marks. To hide the stretch marks for a short period of time you can apply bronzer all over your stretch marks and spread this with a makeup brush and we promise you would never see that again.

Stretch marks are natural so you don’t need to over think about them. But if they really bother you then please try out the above mentioned tips to get done with stretch marks naturally. Stretch marks do not make your body ruined but it just make you a tiger who own his stripes.

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