Magic of Smile

    Magic of Smile
    Magic of Smile

    Today I am going to narrate a short story of a grumpy angry man named Mr. Frown. This man is an average guy next door with a routine life. He goes to work every day, undertakes all his task efficiently, jogs, eats, works, sleeps, wakes up and then once again the next day goes to work and follows a stereotype lifecycle. He has no family, no friend and no girlfriend. His life is simple, routine and without any complication….his life has no LIFE.

    One day as he was jogging, he noticed a small girl playing with her poodle, suddenly the poodle went running to Mr. Frown and started to lick his feet. The little girl came running and picked up her dog. She held him in her arms and stretched her friendly hands towards him and greeted him with a smile. She said: “Hi my name is Hope, what’s yours?” Mr. Frown was taken aback because no one had ever greeted him so casually, everybody feared him and were intimidated by his domineering personality.

    Hesitantly he replied, “I am Mr. Frown,” the little girl laughed and said addressing her poodle, you two will make great friends, “Meet Smile!” Uncanny but true Mr. Frown actually saw Smile smiling. Mr. Frown forced a formal smile and said Hi to Smile but Hope interjected, “Mr. Frown, why doesn’t your smile touches your eyes?”

    She looked intently at him, and Mr. Frown felt mesmerized by her deep piercing eyes, he was transfixed. Hope said, “Mr. Frown do you know you get only one life and you are just wasting it away doing menial nothings. Life is all about living, enjoying and of course SMILING!!!” She continued “Do you know the benefits of smile, a smile is:

    Natural Painkiller: Smiling and laughter both are able to lessen pain. They release endorphins that uplift ones moods, plus they act as natural painkillers.

    Increases Attraction: Smiles makes one look more attractive. It suggests you have kind disposition, are easygoing and feel for others. A study in the European Journal of Social Psychology confirmed that smiling in fact makes you more attractive to the people you smile at.

    Natural Stress Buster: Stress is one of the most common and prevalent problems in the modern world which causes end number of health problems. The best way to get rid of stress is by smiling a little more throughout the day. Smiling releases endorphins that fight and decrease the stress hormones.

    Stronger Immune System: Smiling can also strengthen your immune system, as it will help your body produce white blood cells to help combat illnesses. There was a study which confirmed that those children that were admitted in the hospitals who were entertained by story-tellers and puppeteers had higher white blood cell counts than those children who weren’t visited by any such entertainers, the reason being simple these children smiled and laughed more.

    Winner: Smile makes you look more approachable, empathic and trustworthy. Improve your credibility by smiling more, however many don’t trust easily but if you smile at them then it will surely help. If you hold the position of power, or want to achieve it then keep smiling for that’s the key to your success. A group of researchers from The University of Montpellier found that smiling is an excellent leadership technique compared to possessing great management responsibilities.

    Although Mr. Frown could never meet Hope again but her advice had a sound effect on Mr. Frown and he started greeting everyone with a smile. Soon the people around him changed, his days changed, his entire life changed. Now, Mr. Frown is a smiling man and he looks healthier, feels better, and is viewed as more trustworthy and a better leader. Whenever he or anyone around him feels stressed down, Mr. Grown cheers him/ her up with a happy smiling face. This has made him win many friends, he is also united with his family and yes now he has a loving, doting and beautiful Girlfriend who affectionately calls him Smiley.


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