Why Social Media is a boon for Introverts?

Social Media has played a major role in improving introverts life. Today almost everyone uses Facebook, Instagram and many other social networking Apps. We all are different and we all are unique. Social Media has given an opportunity for everyone to feel like celebrity J. Today people spend most of the free time looking at Facebook post/video etc.

I have noticed few days ago that my classmates who were shy, silent are posting pictures/videos which shows their self-confidence. It takes a courage for introverts to be social. Introverts generally are reserved and restrict themselves to certain people, they do not talk much and they prefer to stay alone.

Here are few things Introverts do on social Media and how it helps them

Writing Posts

Many of you must be posting selfies on Facebook/Instagram. People write quotes to reveal their state of mind. They expresses mood, places they are visiting and much more. Introverts normally feel shy if other clicks their pictures. Smart phones today have given this opportunity to clicks pictures with front camera. Everyone clicks pictures and posts it. This is how introverts can take pictures and post it so that people can have a look at it. They feel confident about it.

Hitting Likes/Comments Options

As I have mentioned above introverts do not talk much in person and remain alone. Social media has given chance to them by providing likes/comments features. They can like pictures which says all. They can comment to post. This shows that they saw it and they are in touch with their friends.


Using Messengers

Some people like to call and some likes to message. It depends on the context. Here is where messengers can be used. Introverts can message friends/ family members/ relatives whenever they want. It’s not always necessary to call everyone. So they drop a message and stay happy in their zones.

Reading/Watching Videos Online

Watching Videos can be influential/ funny etc. Depending on mood introverts can select the video and play. They can enjoy on their own without having others company. Blogs have become a medium to gain knowledge.

This is how social media has been transforming and changing lives of many introverts and other people all over the world. If you know someone whose life had a positive impact with social media, do let me know in comment section below.

Let me know how Social Media has benefited you.

Thank you for reading out!

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