Remembering moments from How I Met Your Mother

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    More than two years have passed since the American Sitcom bid us a Happy Good-Bye. Shows will come, shows will pass,
    The memories of HIMYM are forever gonna last.
    A comedy series, where an architect, Ted Mosby narrates the story of How he met his kids’ mother, to the kids in a very very long (Really Really Long) and detailed manner. Back to back entries and exits of numerous girls had become his daily routine. Some stayed for long, few left in a day or two. He had found nothing sort of FOREVER MINE girl for himself. Ted and Lily have been friends since their freshmen year of college. Lily was dating Ted’s roommate and future best friend, Marshall Eriksen. Marshall expressed his wishful desire to propose the Love of her Life, Lily. This gave Ted too a *Signal* to find his perfect soul mate. Afterall, he was a believer in Universal Signs, until he realized that one doesn’t need them anyway.

    A girl who became one of his most special and favorite persons, Robin Scherbatsky entered his puzzled life. Destiny brought and kept them together even after continuous troubles, heart breaks, break ups and what not! But this TOGETHER didn’t mean Forever as Life Mates, but definitely as Heart and Soul Mates.

    Destiny is too funny sometimes. I and probably many others, still can’t figure out WHY Robin couldn’t be THE Mother. They say, it happens exactly opposite to what you predict or expect. It’s true maybe. It’s Life maybe.

    I guess I’m missing someone. #waitforit. It’s the most amazing, most amuzing, craziest, funkiest, a philanderer, yet the most LEGEN Waitforit DARY person of the show, Barney Stinson.

    He truely marked the awesomeness of the show. His dialogue, “Without ME, its just AWESO.” was just so true indeed. The one without whom Sarcasm felt lonely. The one without who’s advice and company, no incident could get the spark of Awesomeness. Well who can forget the SLAP incident. This suited-booted flirtatious guy was like a bullet of laughter in the gun of mockery. Still he was one of the most amazing and caring person by heart.

    It wasn’t merely a TV Show, but an amazing book of lessons for life. Its episodes, situations, the break ups and patchups and re-break ups and patchups taught us alot about the miseries, pleasures and tragedies of life. It taught us to take chances, make mistakes, accept challenges even if we are aware about the result. Even if we know that the end is DEAD, doesn’t mean we cannot enjoy the ride. To travel is more important than to arrive. The journey counts, not the destination. The fun is in the ride, its adventures, pleasures, lessons. If we trip down in the ride, that will teach us how to get up again. If we fly high in the air like a bird, it will teach us that everything once falls. It will teach us to keep our standards high, not our ego.

    It taught us that we don’t always need signs from the universe. We see what we actually WANT to, and WHEN we want to. Sometimes a necklace is just an accessory and a blitz is just a coincidence.

    Ted’s voyage was a long one. Way too long. But what made him still wish, still search, still get up, still wait, still hope and still believe? Well, the answer is his HOPE and BELIEF itself. He believed in miracles. He believed in Destiny. He let the *Destiny decide the Destination.* He knew that he WILL get a hand to hold, a heart to beat along with his own, a person to call *MY GIRL*, one day. He believed that it WILL happen, even if not Today, not Tomorrow, not Day After, then still ONE DAY.

    His wait worked. His belief worked. It actually bore fruit. A fruit of love, blessing and bliss. He finally found the Love of his Life. He finally met THE MOTHER. Thy name was Tarcy. The only gift she asked for was his Surname. He had found a person who will make his dreams come true; the mother of his future children. The children who will one day hear this story from their Dad. That one day too will come. The belief won’t ever die.

    It WILL happen, even if not Today, not Tomorrow, not Day After, then still ONE DAY.

    The end was not the end, but the beginning to a new chapter. A chapter with six characters instead of five. The five yet remained together. Their love was not for days, months or years. It was for life, forever and beyond.

    Robin still remained one his favorite persons. Bestfriends are bestfriends if they remain so forever. In this beautiful manner, the Fabulous Five (plus one): Ted, Robin, Barney, Marshal, Lily and Tarcy, bid the TV Saga an adieu.

    The moments were beautiful. The commencement, the journey and the end, JUST BEAUTIFUL.


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